Your backyard will benefit from having an arbor or two in its design. It’s important to pick the right backyard arbor too, one that can only add to your home’s style and décor. When you install an arbor, you should also be thinking of how it will work, and what you can grow around it.

At Fence Supply Online we often get calls from clients who are thinking of installing an arbor. They want to get the right one and maybe style their backyard around it. Some callers just want to know more about arbors and what they can add to the backyard.

We asked our team of experts to come up with a few ideas to enhance a backyard with the right arbor. They quickly came back with some great tips, and there were a few surprises in there too. We took the best ideas and put them into this post.

Included on the list of tips on how to enhance your backyard experience with the right arbor is:

  • Choose where to put the arbor
  • An arbor style can change the backyard
  • What about plants for the arbor?

Let’s take a closer look at each point in the list of backyard improvements.

Choose where to put the arbor

If you drop the arbor in the middle of the backyard, without thinking of why, then it will look lost. What you need to do is draw a little plan. Decide what you want the arbor to do and where it should go.

Do this before you even choose the arbor.

An arbor can be part of the fence, a welcoming entrance to the backyard. A backyard arbor can also stand alone in the garden, a feature to catch the eye of family and visitors.

Often we see an arbor as part of a picket fence surrounding a barbecue or seating area.

An arbor style can change the backyard

There are many styles of arbor. You can choose one to enhance the existing backyard or one that will start a new style around the property.

We supply a range of quality-made vinyl arbors. American-made vinyl garden products such as arbors and fence will only add style to the backyard. Vinyl will not rot, bend, or buckle. The colors will not fade, bleed, or chalk in the summer sun. A big benefit of vinyl is the very low maintenance you need to do.

The Nantucket Legacy is a curved arbor in the New England style of garden jewelry. You can walk under its arch in the summer and get the scent of roses or night-scented plants.

The Fairfield Deluxe Arbor is the solid, flat-top style of Japanese garden design. Any rose or climbing vine will look spectacular growing through this arbor.

What about plants for the arbor?

Many people install an arbor for its style and the idea of growing plants up and around the structure. The arbor can almost disappear under the greenery and flowers during the late spring and summer months.

Vines, roses, and flowering pea plants make cute garden décor and look wonderful in the summer.

If you have the climate for grapes, then try a few hardy varieties.

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