White vinyl privacy fence

Privacy. We seek it here, we seek it there, we seek it everywhere.

In our backyard and around our homes we value privacy the most.

Who wants the neighbors looking when you’re having a party or a fun time around the pool?

Vinyl privacy fencing is a very good way of protecting your yard from prying eyes and it will allow you to relax when taking it easy with the family.

You can also run it around the front of your home, or business, to keep passersby from seeing what you wish to keep private. Security is a big winner with privacy fencing.

Vinyl fencing is proving to be an excellent option for those seeking to build a privacy fence.

To get an effective vinyl privacy fence you will need to:

  • Choose The Right Fence For Your Home
  • Prepare The Ground Properly
  • Install The Fence Correctly
  • Have A Regular Maintenance Schedule


Choose The Right Fence For Your Home

Have a look around the neighborhood.

See what others on your street are using in their yards, so you can get an idea of what is permissible. You will need to follow regulations on height and access. You may not install a privacy fence in some areas. Check the building codes for the district before beginning any work.

At www.fencesuppyonline.com we offer the best of vinyl privacy fencing and expert advice.

Choose a fence which is easy to install and one that will withstand any of the strong wind or rain you may get in your district.

From our range you can choose a style that will look good in your yard and a color to match the trees.

Prepare The Ground Properly

When you know the fence you are going to install and where it is going, then you can go about preparing the land.

Clear the area of rocks and undergrowth.

If you have neighbors on either side okay it with them, so they won’t be upset when the fence goes up over the weekend.

Vinyl fencing will need a straight line for installation so place the fence on the right side of any trees or garden ornaments

Mark the spots on the ground where the posts will go, making sure the fence line is kept straight at all times.

You will need to dig holes for the posts and fix the them in concrete, to keep the fence secure.

Tan Privacy

Install The Fence Correctly

A vinyl privacy fence is simple to install, when you know how to do the work.

If unsure employ a contractor to build your fence

Ensure the posts are in line and securely in place.

Snap the panels into the posts, making sure there aren’t any gaps between the panels and posts as you go.

Do the job properly and the fence will stand tall and proud for many years to come.

Have A Regular Maintenance Schedule

While maintenance on a vinyl fence is minimal compared to wood or iron, you will still need to look after it properly.

A significant advantage is that you do not need to paint it, treat it or sand it ever.

Do not, however, put up the vinyl fence and forget it is there.

Mildew, rotting leaves and grass cuttings can stain a fence, but washing it regularly with the backyard hose will keep the dirt and dust under control.

After a long winter people often wipe the fence with a light solution of household detergent to freshen it for the summer months.

A well-maintained fence will last for many a long year.

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