MIG welders are an excellent machine for welding.

When it comes to MIG welders it is as simple as that, but what else do you need to know?

At Fence Supply Online we supply MIG welders from Forney Industries, and we want our customers to know all about them.

Our in-house team of experts now know plenty about welding machines, thanks to learning from Forney Industries.

We asked them to put together a little checklist, and we gathered the results into this post.

All the MIG welder information you need to know includes:

  • Just what is a MIG welder?
  • What can you do with a MIG welder?
  • Do they come in different sizes?
  • Are there any advantages to a MIG welder?
  • Are they suitable for beginners?
  • What about the options?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Just what is a MIG welder?

Let’s start at the very beginning: Metal Inert Gas welding is better known as MIG welding.

It uses a continuous spool of metal wire to weld two pieces of metal together. The wire is fed through a welding gun to make the weld at high heat. It is a straightforward machine to use, and people say it is not unlike using a glue gun.

Some know MIG welding as wire welding.

What can you do with a MIG welder?

It is possible to do nearly any welding job with one.

The guidebooks say that you can join metal from 24 gauge up to half an inch thick.

If you know your metals, you will know that is a wide range.

You will have to vary the thickness of the wire along the range, but you will quickly master the options.

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes, MIG welders come in all sizes, shapes, and levels of portability.

We offer the Forney Easy Weld 125 MIG welder, which is a perfect beginner’s model.

It uses 0.30” wire and is a very portable machine.

At the other end of the scale, we sell the Forney 270 MIG welder.

It’s for the accomplished welder and comes on casters and wheels for when moving around the shop.

In between, there are machines suitable for welders at all levels.

Are there any advantages to a MIG welder?

Yes there are, is the quick answer and some of them are fairly obvious.

As it is so easy to use that the MIG welder is ideal for the beginner as well as the professional.

MIG welders are portable and easy to store away when not in use.

Wire welding is easy to control, and with practice, you will do a very clean weld.

The wide welding range, from 24 gauge up to half-inch, gives you plenty of working choices too.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Again, yes is the answer and we would even go so far as to say MIG welders are perfect for beginners.

They are so easy to use that it can be as simple as turning the machine on and welding like a glue gun. Well maybe not that simple but it is an easy process.

The MIG welder is very popular with hobbyists, DIYers, weekend repairers around the home and part-time ranchers. They are also very popular with shop workers and people who use a welder daily.

First-timers are interested because MIG welding is so easy to learn. This is true, and you can become an excellent welder by following the rules on MIG welding.

What about the options?

Of course, there are options if MIG welding is not for you.

At Fence Supply Online we also offer TIG welders  and Stick welders, for those who prefer a different method.

We recommend you look at all three types of welding before making up your mind.

Our team of experts will always help you with the decision.

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