Flat top aluminum flat bottom

Aluminum fencing is durable and fashionable and an excellent way of safeguarding your property.

It is straightforward to maintain, and the long-term costs of keeping an aluminum fence looking good are low.

Clients often ask us if there is an alternative to the straight lines of the standard aluminum fence, which still retain all the qualities they are seeking.

Ornamental aluminum fencing is the quick answer and clients have a great choice of styles and designs.

Our customers, when looking to know more about ornamental aluminum fencing, usually ask one or more of the following questions:

  • What styles are available?
  • Is ornamental aluminum fencing durable?
  • How about installation?
  • What about the pets and the kids?

Let’s take a look at the answers to get a better idea of the benefits of ornamental aluminum fencing.

What styles are available?

Ornamental aluminum fencing combines practical design with good looks to add extra style to the property.

There is a good choice of styles available.

We have the Classic 4ft flattop aluminum fence which looks great in all settings.

The straight lines of the pickets extend beyond the bottom rail, making it difficult to crawl under but also adding a decorative touch.

The flat line of the top is something a bit different and allows you to grow plants along it, or you can even lean on the fence when chatting with the neighbors.

For the more security conscious we have the 4ft classic, without the flat top, but with the individual pickets standing tall both above and below the rails.

The 54-inch flattop combines the security features with style, but without making the viewer too aware of why the fence is in place.

The pickets do not extend below the bottom rail, making the fence look more freestanding than the others.

The result is that the 54-inch flattop does not look as high and dominating as it actually is.

Is ornamental aluminum fencing durable?

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean you will lose anything on the standards side of things.

Aluminum fencing is durable and does not need as much care as wooden fences.

The metal will not rust, though it may stain if you don’t clean it once or twice a year.

Aluminum will withstand the worst of the winter weather and heat is not a problem during the summer.

Termites, fungi, and mildew will not be attracted to the metal, and you will not need to treat aluminum with chemicals.

A good wash down with a stiff bristled brush and the garden hose will keep the fence in top shape.

Create Your Dream Property By Landscaping With Decorative Fencing

What about installation?

There was a time when installing any fence was a bit of a chore for the DIY enthusiast.

Flat packs and additions on the manufacturing side have led to significant improvements in making installing so much easier.

The aluminum posts now come pre-cut to match the size of the rails and the pickets.

The panels are preassembled and flat-packed, so all the DIYer needs to do is screw them into the already drilled holes in the posts.

You will need the willing helper, but a job that once took a lot of time you can now finish quickly and simply.

What about the kids and the pets?

Aluminum fences do not have sharp edges.

The metal does not crack or splinter, so the kids will not cut themselves or get bits stuck under the skin.

The ornamental fencing is not easy to climb or to slide under, so you need not worry about them sneaking off when you are not looking.

Our puppy panels fit neatly onto the ornamental fencing and keep the little fellas inside and not out on the street.

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