The gate is the focal point of your fence.

It will catch the eye of admirers, it is the entrance to your home, and it adds security to the property.

Too often we see customers who neglect the gate or only include it as an afterthought.

To us at Fence Supply Online this is like apple pie without the cream or cheese without any crackers. Picking the right gate for the fence is crucial, as it is the finishing touch to your project and it needs to look good.

Here’s what you should know about picking the right fence gate:

  • Make sure it is secure
  • Pool gates must do many jobs
  • Match the fence with the gate
  • Get the dimensions right
  • Pick the fence before you build
  • Go fancy if you like

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Make sure it is secure

Number one priority for gates.

They must keep your family secure and stop the kids and pets escaping onto a busy street.

Make sure it will lock fully and that the hinges won’t break under pressure.

The quality of the build ensures the right amount of security, so don’t skimp when picking the gate.

Pool gates must do many jobs

Pool fences are mandatory in many states, and you should have one regardless of the law.

The pool gate is a vital part of the fence and to the safety of the pool area.

It should be self-closing, and crucially self-locking.

The pool gate must be of the highest quality and treated to deal with the damp conditions around the pool.

Match the fence

When picking the fence gate make sure it matches the style of the fence.

The fence will look better,  so will the garden area.

Sometimes a sturdy, metal gate matches the look of a wooden fence or adds an extra feeling of security.

By putting some thought into picking the right gate, you will improve the overall look of your fence.

Get the dimensions right

The right gate fits perfectly with the fence.

You shouldn’t have a gate towering over the rest of the fence. It will look a bit odd and out of place.

The width of the gate should be suitable for people to get through easily.

Don’t forget to make it accessible for those in wheelchairs and other walking aids.

Pick the gate before you build the fence

Make the gate part of the overall plan of the fence.

Think about what it will do, where it will go and how you want it to look as part of the finished fence.

By picturing the gate in place you will know if it is the right one for your fence.

If the fence is also part of the entrance to your home you may want to add a bit of style to the selection.

With a gate for the backyard may need to be a bit more security conscious and sensible in your choice.

Go fancy if you like

Gates come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

We often get customers looking for something a bit fancy, a gate to catch the eye and to be the focal point of the fence.

A traditional picket gate, with roses growing over the arch, will look great in the summertime when the flowers are in bloom.

There are some beautiful, fancy gates to choose for your fence, but make sure they are the right one before you purchase.

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