Do not be sacred to ask us about vinyl fencing.

We get a lot of questions about the product from our customers and maybe answering these will help put your mind at ease.

There are ones which pop up a lot and these common questions are:

  • What Is Vinyl Fencing?
  • What Are Its Uses?
  • How Durable Is It?
  • Is It Any Good?
  • How Easy Is It To Install?
  • How Do I Maintain It?

What Is Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl is a form of plastic and you will be familiar with it from the PVC piping on your property. The plastic is molded into all the sizes and lengths of regular fencing products.

You can have picket fencing, privacy fencing, animal fencing, just as with standard fencing materials and the only difference is that it is made of vinyl.

It looks just as good as standard fencing products.

The fencing is not harmful to domestic animals, children or wildlife.

Our specialty vinyl fencing comes in many styles and colors, to suit any use and taste.

What Are Its Uses?

There are as many uses for vinyl fencing as there are for your standard fencing types.

People use it for privacy around their yards, as both height and width aren’t a problem with the fencing.

It also makes for lovely picket fencing and can be molded to different designs.

As pool fencing, the product is easy to install and will keep the kids and animals in or out.

We supply Vinyl Ranch Rails to farms throughout the USA.

The range of uses, styles, and colors only add to the popularity of the fencing with our customers.

How Durable Is It?

Above all else vinyl fencing is durable.

Only the highest-grade ingredients go into the manufacture of vinyl fencing products.

Most of all vinyl fencing will last the test of time. Our standards are high, as we don’t want you coming back with a problem with any of our products.

UV inhibitors and impact modifiers are included in the manufacturing process.

Vinyl fencing is used in some of the toughest weather conditions and is known to withstand all that mother nature throws at it.

Sun, rain and wind have minimum impact on our range of vinyl fencing products.

Is It Easy To Install?

Tan Vinyl Privacy fence

The quick answer here is yes.

As always we recommend you get a professional to do any job properly, but if you know how to put up a fence, then you will be able to install our vinyl fencing on your property.

Vinyl fencing is easy to handle and to work with when installing. You will need all the usual tools for the job.

We supply full install details with every fence sold and provide all the tools needed as well as gates, ornamental extras and plenty of advice.

How Do I Maintain My Fence?

It is super easy to maintain. It doesn’t need the annual paint job and it doesn’t require the regular staining or water-proofing that a wooden fence demands to stay fresh.

Washing vinyl can be as easy as turning on the garden hose.

People give their fence a good power wash after a storm or a patch of bad weather, to keep grass, dirt, and leaves from baking on during a hot spell.

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your fence stain and dirt free.

Is It Any Good?

When you look at the quality and durability of vinyl fencing, you will quickly see how good the product is.

Add to that the many uses of vinyl it and how easy it is to cut and to fit, then you really have a top-class product.

The fencing will last for many years and the high-grade plastic will not crack under pressure.

Take A Closer Look

Now that the thought of vinyl fencing doesn’t scare you anymore so why not give us a call?

Our staff will answer all of your questions, no matter how small or unusual they may be.

If you are thinking of installing vinyl fencing on your property, then contact us for advice today.