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The right fence and lighting will give you all the pool security you need for peace of mind. When you get the pool area under your control, you will feel secure in having a safe space for the family.

At Fence Supply Online we know a lot about pool fencing. What we do not know is not worth talking about, so we reckon. When it comes to pool lighting we have the best of options, and we know the only trouble you will have is making up your mind.

Getting the right options in place may be a challenge, but we are here to help.

With this in mind, we brought up the subject of fence and lighting for pool security over a morning coffee. All of the great minds had opinions, and everyone had a few excellent ideas. To make the task easier for our customers, we put the best options into one of our lists.

Included on the list of ideas for fence and lighting for pool security are:

  • Vinyl fencing is great for pool security
  • Our solar lighting lets you see what’s happening
  • A self-closing and self-locking gate is essential

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Vinyl fencing is great for pool security

A big worry for every pool owner is in keeping the area secure. If you want to keep the kids out when you are not around, then the fence is essential. Another problem can be unwanted guests getting in when you are at work. The trouble most pool owners face is privacy around the pool.

A vinyl privacy fence will solve all of your problems.

Modern American-made vinyl fencing is of the highest quality. It will not rot or attract mildew, an essential factor for a pool fence. The vinyl privacy fence will not crack, buckle, fade or chalk under the heat of the summer sun. Impact-inhibitors in the vinyl makes it a very durable and secure option.

The vinyl privacy fence will keep the area safe and secure for your family only.

Our solar lighting lets you see what’s happening

One worry for our clients is lighting the pool area at night.

They do not want to run power outlets to the pool, and to mix electricity and water is not everyone’s idea of fun. This is why we recommend solar lighting for the pool area fence.

Solar lighting is simple to install. The fence post adapter clips onto the top of the fence post. Your choice of solar light clicks into the adapter, and you are good to go. There is not any need for unsightly wiring or even cables for the kids to fall over.

The solar lighting gets its power from the sun, and the sun does not need to shine all day for you to get a full battery. You can program the lighting to come on at sundown and get twelve hours of free light around the pool.

Seeing what is happening at night is key to getting pool security.

A self-closing and self-locking gate is essential

Keeping the pool area safe and secure is easy with the right gate.

In most districts you will need to have a fence pool; it is the law. Along with the correct fence, you will also need to have a self-closing and locking gate. You cannot take chances with every kid, or adult, closing the gate when leaving. There is not any point in having a beautiful fence but not a gate.

Knowing that the pool is safe and access is under control will let you relax during the warm summer days and nights.

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