Are you trying to decide between a fence gate or an archway for your garden? It is not an unusual decision and is one that puzzles many people. Both styles have their advantages, and making your mind up is not such an easy thing to do.

At Fence Supply Online we often get asked to decide in the fence gate vs. archway debate. Sometimes it is a husband and wife arguing, and we try not to take sides there. Other times we find people have not even thought about which is best. They would prefer it if we made the tough decision.

To help our clients decide on going for a fence gate or an archway, we called in our experts. They each had an opinion, and some favored the gate, while others went for the archway. After a lot of talking the experts came up with a long list of options. We managed to get a shorter list together.

Included on the list of fence gate vs. the archway options are:

  • Sometimes only a fence gate will do
  • The archway looks great in other situations
  • A fence gate with an archway may work too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Sometimes only a fence gate will do

There are some places when you may have to install a fence gate rather than an archway.

If you have a dog, you may want to keep them in the front garden, and a secure gate may be the only way. The same is true with keeping the kids safe. If you have a pool in the front garden having a fence gate is an extra safety measure. This does not mean you shouldn’t also have a fence, with a secure gate, around the pool.

In other gardens an archway just does not look right. Here a fence gate may well look better and fit in with the garden décor.

The archway looks great in other situations

In some gardens an archway will look perfect. If you have an open style garden layout, the free-flowing look of the archway beckons people into the space.

The right archway can be one of many designs. The Nantucket Legacy is of a beautiful design that will suit any garden. Our Westhaven is of a different style but will still match the right fence.

An archway is excellent for growing roses or other climbing plants. In the summer they will be a riot of color, and in the fall you can trail lights over the structure.

Being imaginative will help you get the most out of an archway.

A fence gate with an archway may work too

Why not try a combination of the two styles?

If you have your heart set on an archway but need a fence gate, try designing one within the other. You will get the safety of the gate along with the beauty of the archway.

The size of the archway will need to accommodate the fence gate, so be careful with your measurements.

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