Vinyl privacy versions we carry

A vinyl privacy fence panel need not be boring.

Many fences can look the same, and a long, high set of privacy panels can make your garden look like a prison yard.

You do not want to feel enclosed when enjoying the summer sun.

At Fence Supply Online we surprise customers by showing them the patterned vinyl privacy fence panels we keep in stock.

It changes their minds about installing a vinyl privacy fence, and gets them thinking about a new garden design

We asked some of our experts for a list of patterned panels we supply. The list may change, but there is plenty of choice available.

On the list of patterned vinyl privacy fence panels is:

  • The vinyl privacy panel with mid-rail
  • A vinyl privacy fence panel with picket top
  • The solid privacy style is always popular
  • Basketweave looks great
  • Choose a different color too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The vinyl privacy panel with mid-rail

If you are looking to install a tall vinyl privacy fence, but do not want it too plain, we may have a solution.

The vinyl privacy with a mid-rail takes away from the height of the fence.

A mid-rail runs across the center of the privacy fence and to the naked eye it gives the appearance of a smaller one.

The 6 or 8-foot fence is still the same; it just does not loom above you as a plain one may do. And on 8ft it is required.

A vinyl privacy fence panel with picket top

Often you may want to erect a vinyl privacy fence to keep out the wind, though you do not want to lose the light.

The problem may be nosey neighbors or the noise of passing traffic, but you want to keep the sun coming into the garden

At Fence Supply Online, we have the solution in our privacy fences with a different border.

These elegant panels give you the protection of the solid vinyl but the upper panel has a line of lattice or picket along the top.

You will still get the light coming through the top of the fence but with the privacy from the tall solid vinyl panel beneath.

The solid privacy style is always popular

If a protective privacy fence is what you need, then the solid privacy style is the perfect answer.

These tall panels, they come in 4, 6 or 8-foot sections will stand proud on your property. They will protect against prevailing winds, prying eyes and allow your family to relax in the garden.

The solid privacy style panel consists of pickets snapped together at the factory, with rails along the top and bottom.

You will appreciate the security and style in the design.

Basketweave looks great too

Basket Weave Vinyl Fence

Now for something completely different.

The basket weave looks exactly as it sounds.

Rails of vinyl fencing weaved around the posts, to give a great splash of style to your garden fence.

When assembling the fence, the weave comes together and runs like the side of a woven basket along the garden boundary.

The security and privacy of the fence are still there, but you will get more light.

Choose a different color for a stylish look

Modern technology now allows us to offer a range of different colored vinyl fence products.

You can choose from black, white, cedar, grey, Hunter Green, Redwood, and a few other shades.

Our black vinyl privacy fencing from BLACKline is a step up again.

Their manufacturing process gives a black which will not fade, chalk or buckle under the summer sun.

The vinyl privacy fence will look as good as day one for the lifetime of the product.

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