It is not always easy to find the right stain for your fence. Asking yourself a few questions may help find the answer.

Do you change the color of the fence with the stain? Do you need to stain the fence every year? Is one stain better than another for my the wood on the property?

These are some of the questions our clients ask us nearly every day. At Fence Supply Online we hear the questions close to the fall or spring, when people may be doing the annual maintenance. We like to hear the questions when the client is buying their fence too, as we know then that the customer is going to look after it.

We asked our team of experts to tackle the question. They put in a bit of time arguing about who had the best ideas and who was plain wrong. When it was all over, we put a little list together of the best suggestions. We then chose the ones to give the most helpful answers.

Included on the list of finding the right stain for your fence is:

  • Always buy a quality stain for your fence
  • Do you want to change the fence color?
  • When do you need to stain a fence?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always buy a quality stain for your fence

There are many stains available.

You can buy a cheap product or a quality one and the choice is clear. If you want to look after your investment properly, then invest in a quality stain.

At Fence Supply Online we stock Stain & Seal products because we believe they are of the highest quality. They go on easily, they will not streak, and soak deep into all the wood on your property. Stain & Seal products come in a variety of choices, and there is always one for your deck or a fence around the yard.

Buying a quality product makes sense.

Do you want to change the fence color?

The color of the wood can change with the stain you use.

Stain & Seal care products allow you to add a touch of new color, or to bring out the grain in the wood. The stain seeps deep into the wood, protecting it and highlighting the beauty of the structure.

Staining need not bring a dramatic change, but can add style and a longer life when you use a quality product.

When do you need to stain a fence?

It depends on how old the fence is or where you live.

A new fence should come with a stain on it already. The problem with new wood is that it is very thirsty. New wood drinks up the stain and can leave it open to damage.

It can be a good idea to stain a new fence after a hot summer.

An old one will need staining at least once a year. The dry wood is open to termite and weather damage. Taking care of the posts and rails with a brushing of an excellent stain will make them look like new.

Ask us for more advice on when to stain your fence.

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