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We love our timeless American style fences at Fence Supply Online. It seems too that it is the same with our customers. Both the newbies and our favorite long-term clients all ask for something ‘that bit American’ when looking for a fence style.

The subject came up recently over our morning coffee in the office.

“Just what constitutes an American style fence?” asked one of our colleagues. It so happens that three callers that morning had asked for advice for their yard fence.

“Where do you want to start?” was one of the replies from across the floor.

It got us thinking, and soon suggestions were coming from all corners and beyond.

We gathered the top five, after some lively debate, and put them into a post.

A list of five timeless American style fences includes:

  1. The picket fence is always a timeless classic
  2. Cedar split rail for tradition
  3. Round rail for the rancher
  4. A sturdy aluminum fence
  5. Do not forget the privacy fence

Let’s take a closer look at each American style of fence.

The picket fence is always a timeless classic

The style is such a classic American style fence that you will see it in movies, plays, and on TV shows.

You can almost see Grandma with a fresh apple pie standing next to a picket fence in the front yard. A fence usually with a fresh coat of white paint and some brightly colored flowers in the beds below. Such is the style of the picket fence.

We supply picket fence in durable vinyl, delivered in flatpack style, and in a variety of sizes.

A picket is easy to assemble and to maintain over its long life.

Cedar split rail for tradition

We love our cedar split rail fences at Fence Supply Online.

They are another American timeless style fence, which has not changed much over the years.

A split rail is a very natural look fence that will catch the eye on your property.

You assemble the cedar split rail in sections rather than installing the posts and coming back to do the rails. The process may be an old one, but when you master it, you too will feel like a timeless American.

You do not need nails, screws, or glue. The split rail fits tightly into the posts, and the fence will stay strong for many years.

Our cedar is naturally resistant to termites and the effects of weather.

Round rail for the rancher

Is there a better way to keep livestock under control than with a round rail fence?

When you look at any American ranch, you will see miles of this fence style running alongside the paddocks and across the fields.

The round rail can also work as a boundary fence on a smaller property, bringing a touch of the wilderness to your garden.

We have a variety of heights from which to choose, and your home will look great when surrounded by this classic style.

A sturdy aluminum fence

Not everyone considers metal fences as timeless American, but they have been with us since the early days.

A sturdy aluminum fence gives you a strong sense of security, and they are easy to maintain.

Aluminum will not rust or crack. You will not need to paint or stain it, though, as with all fences you will need to clean the aluminum from time to time.

Though more expensive than other styles, you will be installing a fence of integrity with an American aluminum fence.

Do not forget the privacy fence

American homeowners are increasingly turning to privacy fencing for security.

They also keep your family free from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby on the sidewalk.

A classic privacy fence need not be too tall and imposing. We offer options in different heights, to suit all needs.

Privacy fences can also block a prevailing wind or an unsightly view from your back windows.

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