Having a swimming pool adds charm to any property. However, safety is always an issue, no matter how big or small your pool is. This is especially true in households with small children. In the following paragraphs, we outline some effective ways in which you can make your pool area safer.

Install a Flat Top Picket Fence

Picket fences are mostly installed by homeowners for their aesthetic benefits, but they are a secure means of protecting children from pool-side accidents. The smooth top of flat top picket fences offers maximum security with minimal risk of injury. The added benefit is that a fence will make your pool area even more visually appealing. Flat Top Vinyl Picket
However, depending on the material you use, your picket fence can be damaged by moisture with such proximity to water. So while your fence makes your pool area safe, you should protect your fence from moisture and rust as well.

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Install Pool Alarms

Another way to minimize the danger associated with the pool area is to use alarms. Alarms for this specific purpose come in many varieties. For instance, you can install an alarm on the door that leads to the pool area. Whenever the gate is opened, the alarm will sound and you will immediately know that someone is headed towards the pool.

Closer to the pool, you can install the more expensive but highly secure perimeter alarm. This is a laser field surrounding your pool and will sound off at once when a child or pet enters penetrates the field.

You can even install an alarm that virtually goes underwater. This is known as a pressure sensitive alarm which is placed on the edge of the pool with a sensor tube going inside the pool. If a child goes inside the water, the pressure created by the waves will trigger the alarm.

Install a Safety Cover

Covers are more suited for the winter. You can get safety covers for all types of pools, even those above ground. Having a safety cover when not using the pool restricts access to the pool for children and small animals, ensure that do not accidently fall in the water. When choosing a pool cover, find one that can support considerable weight and one that doesn’t have gaps large enough for children to access the water.

Be More Vigilant

Finally, remember that despite all these security measures listed above, you still need to be a little vigilant. The safety devices ensure that if your children reach the pool area unnoticed, they will keep them from accidently entering the pool, or at least alert you before they do so.Flat Top Vinyl Picket Pyramid cap

However, nothing beats adult supervision. You should be vigilant enough not to have your children around the pool when you don’t want them to. And when you are around the pool with your kids, remember that a slight distraction can turn into a moment of regret. Having said that, the flat top picket fences and other safety measures will give you some peace of mind that’s always priceless.

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