“I would put lighting on the deck, but I don’t want all that pesky wiring.”

So said one of our long term clients, who had only recently put in a fine new deck.

We knew this because Fence Supply Online delivered the deck fencing only the week before.

It is not a new argument and one we have heard many times over the years. Indeed it is a very good point and who would want all that pesky wiring ruining their new deck?

At Fence Supply Online we have a solution and a perfect one it is too.

“Solar lighting for your deck does away with that pesky lighting,” our sales assistant told the client.

To keep Bob and other such customers happy we asked our experts for a guide to the advantages of solar deck lighting. They gave us a long list, and we put the best points into this post.

The advantages of solar deck lighting include:

  • No more pesky wiring
  • The quality of the deck lighting is excellent
  • Solar deck lighting could not be easier to install
  • Increased security with solar deck lighting

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

No more pesky wiring

Take a look at your neighbor’s deck and look at that pesky wiring.

It is ugly, takes away from the look of the deck, and it is only waiting for an accident to happen.

Solar deck lighting fits onto the fence posts or the end posts. They take their power from the sun, and you do not need to run a single wire — no paying for an outdoor power source or expensive all-weather fittings. The kids will be safe as you will not have any loose wires, or ones that they could pull out of the lamps.

You can still fit timers and motion sensors to your solar deck lighting.

A deck clear of wiring is a beautiful thing.

The quality of the deck lighting is excellent

Take a look at the range of deck and fence lighting we have on offer.

You can choose from the subtle designs to the beautiful intricate ones, which can really catch the eye.

The Pyramid fence post light fits neatly onto the deck post and gives off a lovely glow during the summer months.

If you are looking to make a statement, try installing one of the stained-glass lights.

Another stylish one is the Manchester Solar Post light in bronze, with genuine water glass to frame the light.

Quality will always stay in fashion.

Solar deck lighting could not be easier to install

We hear customers saying that they would not know how to install a solar deck lighting fitting.

Some speak of having the deck in place and do not want to do any more work.

The beauty of the product is how easy it is to install.

You fit a post adapter over the top of the deck or fence post.

The solar light then slots into the adapter. Repeat.

It is a simple as that to install your new solar deck lighting.

Increased security with solar deck lighting

Think of how much easier it will be for you to see the deck from the kitchen or other parts of the home.

The solar lighting will open up the area for you and guests, but also make it more secure.

With motion sensors too, the lights need only come on when someone is on the deck.

The solar lights can stay on for up to twelve hours, so you will be secure for the night.

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