The popular fence materials this year are all quality ones. One thing you can be sure of when you invest in quality fencing materials – your investment is safe. Many people think to install a cheaper version of a popular fencing material on their property, without any worries. Well, they can do so, but they are the ones calling us a couple of years later looking for help.

At Fence Supply Online we know that popular fencing materials will shine through every year. To help those clients who call looking for the latest trends and want their home to have curb appeal, we asked our experts for help. They put their great brains together and sat down to work out their differences. After a lot of coffee and arguing, they came up with a list of ideas. We put the best fence material options into this post.

Included on the list of the most popular fence materials this year is:

  • Wrought iron fencing is an excellent material
  • Vinyl fencing will always be popular
  • Have a look at the wood options
  • Aluminum will not let you down

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wrought iron fencing is an excellent material

Have you ever looked at a wrought iron fence? Many of the ones you may see around properties are old, but some new styles are catching the eye too.

The wrought iron comes in many styles and is very easy to assemble. Our simple and easy to learn bracket system makes assembly almost a one-person task. Quality posts of eight-foot in length give the fence a solidity you will appreciate.

Vinyl fencing will always be popular

There was a time when PVC fences were not very popular. The quality of the material was not great, and often the fence would lose its good looks within a few years.

Not so with modern vinyl fencing. Our quality American-made vinyl fencing will not rot, buckle or lose any of its shape during the worst of the winter weather. The colors will not fade, chalk or bleed even under the hottest summer sun.

Consider installing a vinyl picket fence across the front lawn for a neighborhood talking point.

Have a look at wood options

Wood fence materials are always popular.

A four-rail round fence is the perfect way to keep your livestock on, and wildlife off, the property. The wood picket fence is as American as apple pie. Once you look after the wood with regular maintenance, it will not disappoint you.

All of our wood is pressure-treated at the factory and is of Cedar or Yellow Pine.

Aluminum will not let you down

Aluminum fences are solid, will not rust, and are very difficult to climb or cut through.

The quality of the aluminum fencing adds to its popularity. It is ideal for keeping the pets and kids safe when they are outside enjoying their freedom. Maintenance is very low, and repairs are easy too.

An aluminum fence on the property adds instant curb appeal.

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