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Everyone likes a bit of privacy in the garden. It gives a feeling of escaping the outside world, keeping the neighbor’s eyes away from what you are doing or protecting the family from the street.

A big objection to privacy screens from our clients is that they are too high. They believe them to turn the garden into a prison yard or that they block out the light and fresh breezes. While this may be true of some privacy fences, it is not always so.

We asked our Fence Supply Online experts for a few ideas. The task was to come up with appealing privacy screens for the garden. They took a bit of time, but the results were worth waiting for and are very attractive too.

Among the garden screen ideas are:

  • Keep the pool safe with the right screen
  • Black vinyl looks good in any garden
  • Consider a few different colors
  • Not all privacy fences are tall

Let’s take a closer look at these garden screen ideas.

Keep the pool safe with the right screen

Pool fences are now mandatory in nearly every district of every state, and with good reason. They keep kids safe, keep pets out, and give you control over the area.

A pool screen need not be an eyesore in the garden. At Fence Supply Online we recommend using decorative privacy screens to cordon off the pool. You can choose from different colors to match your garden scheme or planting ideas. Privacy fences also come in a range of styles to take away from that blank look.

The right privacy fence makes for the ideal pool screen.

Black vinyl looks good in any garden

At Fence Supply Online we supply BLACKline fencing products.

These are top-quality vinyl privacy screens, which do more than just screen off the garden. The range offers a choice of styles and sizes which will suit any area. If you are thinking of screening the garden from the wind, then BLACKline has a vinyl privacy screen for you. When the neighbors are a bit too close then install a quality fence to keep them out of your business.

BLACKline products do not fade, buckle, or crack under the summer sun and will always look great on the property.

 Consider a few different colors for your garden screen ideas

Time was when you did not have much of a choice when it came to privacy screening. It was either black or white, with not much in between.

Now you have a wide choice and vinyl privacy screens come in a range of colors to match any garden design scheme. BLACKline fencing products are of such a high manufacturing quality that they do not fade, crack or chalk in any extreme heat.

With such a range you can install screening that will not clash with the planting of shrubs and trees. You can block off certain parts of the garden, without the fence looking like an eyesore.

Not all privacy screens are tall

The idea of privacy fencing was once one of prison yard scenes and dark back gardens.

The range of styles, colors, and styles now give the homeowner plenty of choice. The DIY fence installer can put up a quality privacy fence in a weekend which will look great without drowning the yard in gloom. For simple screening you can erect a fence of only four-foot, which will do the job but not close off the light. For other projects you can get heights of five or six-foot for the ideal levels of privacy screening.

Choosing the right height for your privacy screen will make a lot of difference.

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