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A chain link fence can work fine on your property. Where you use it and where is best for onde depends on a few factors.  You will get plenty of years of service from a chain link fence and it is a worthwhile investment.

At Fence Supply Online we get calls and queries about chain link fences. Not too many, but clients have an interest, and we do our best to help them. Most of the inquiries are about the best places to use a one; not everywhere is suitable for installing this typr of fence. We asked our experts to look at the question and come up with a few answers. As usual, they spent a bit of time arguing and drinking coffee but came up with a long list for us to use. We took their list and some of the best points for this post.

Included on the list of when a chain link fence works just fine is:

  • Securing the yard with a chain link fence
  • It works well on construction sites
  • Temporary use around the property
  • The legal side of using a chain link fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Securing the yard with a chain link fence

If you keep animals in the yard, then this style of fence will work just fine. A great advantage of the structure is that it provides immediate security for pets and livestock. Dogs, cattle, and small pets such as rabbits or cats cannot get over or through this fence.

It can also keep people out as well as in; the local penitentiary is a big user of chain link fencing.

When installing the chain link, make sure you bury the bottom of it in concrete to stop animals from burrowing under when you are not looking.

It works well on construction sites

If you are a contractor or maybe employing one at the moment, chances are you already know the benefits of chain link.

They are easy to assemble and to remove when the work is finished. They are cheap to purchase and to maintain. You can put one up around the construction site in just a few hours.

The fence is very durable and will see you through many a project.

Temporary use around the property

Many of our clients keep a few rolls of chain link storage in case of emergencies.

If your fence blows over in a storm, then you can patch the holes quickly with a roll or two. Similarly if you need to close off part of the property for a while, then the fence is a quick fix. Grabbing the rolls and a few tools, and having the work done quickly is a big bonus.

Chain link fencing is easy to store away when not using it.

The legal side chain link fencing

When using the chain link fence for anything other than a quick fix, always check the legal side.

You may not use it in many areas.

The local Home Owners Association may have an opinion too.

Get it right from the start, and you won’t have any problems.

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