Create Play Areas From Fencing

Fencing need not be all about the serious stuff.

It can look good in the garden, and you can create play areas from fencing, for all the family to enjoy too.

A client contacted us recently, saying they had a load of privacy fence left over from the construction job. Did we have any ideas?

After a bit of thinking, our in-house experts put together a list of play areas to create, as a use for the leftover fencing.

We’ve got some of their best ideas for creating fun areas from fencing.

The top five play areas they came up with, in no particular order, are:

  • Playground for the younger kids
  • A dedicated barbecue area
  • Keeping control of the pool
  • Ballpark
  • Fun for the adults too

Let’s take a closer look at each area.

Playground for the younger kids

What better use is there for a fence than keeping the young kids safe when they are playing.

Depending on the number of kids you have, and their friends too, you can map out any sized area of the yard.

Putting up a privacy fence, maybe of around four foot in height, will keep them inside.

It will also allow you to keep an eagle eye on them as they play.

All you need to do is add a sandpit, and lots of outdoor activity toys such as a small slide or obstacles for climbing, and you are good to go.

Those soft material outdoor mats make great landing spots for when they fall when having fun.

A dedicated barbecue area

Doesn’t it get annoying when Dad is always putting the barbecue where the wind blows the most?

Perhaps a dedicated barbecue area, close to the house and the deck may be the answer.

By paving the spot first with concrete tiles, you will keep the barbecue off the lawn.

Surrounding it with a privacy fence can keep the wind at bay, and stop the younger kids from running in and burning themselves too.

The men can have a few beers, burn the steaks and hide it all from the neighbors.

Keeping control of the pool

The pool is a big fun spot during the summer months, but it is also essential to keep control of the area.

Safety is always a concern around water and, in many states, it is mandatory to construct a pool fence.

A pool fence will keep the kids out when you are not around, and you can lock the gate to keep the area safe when you are away.

It can also stop the neighbors, and people on the street, from looking in when your family is having fun by the pool.


Calling it a ballpark may be stretching it a small bit, but you can create a fun area for the older kids with a good fence.

By closing off a part of the lawn, or the backyard, you can put in some soccer goals and make a soccer pitch.

The ball won’t be running out on the street or going over the neighbor’s fence. Neither will it be bothering others who are not playing.

Think of all the fun the local kids will have in your ballpark during the summer, and how tired they will be by bedtime.

Fun for the adults too

The adults in the family need to kick back at the end of the day or a long week.

By building a deck area, or just a spot to lounge in privacy, you will have your own bit of heaven.

Surrounding it with a privacy fence will allow the family to sunbathe in privacy.

You can have a few drinks and enjoy all that barbecue coming from across the lawn.

Fencing can give you the privacy and security to relax in your yard.

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