What do you say to a client who wants a modern fence, but is unsure about vinyl?

The quality of black vinyl fencing is the obvious answer, but some of our clients are not so sure. As with a lot of people they know only the old story about vinyl fencing, but not the new one. Thankfully the worries about vinyl fencing are in the past, and it now offers excellent value.

“Tell me more about modern, black vinyl fencing?” asked one of our Fence Supply Online clients last week.

The question got us thinking, and one of the sales team brought it up over lunch later that day. We all looked at each other, and soon the suggestions were flowing. The answers were so good that we put them into a post.

Black vinyl fencing will give you a sleek modern look because:

  • The quality is in the production
  • Black vinyl fencing works anywhere on the property
  • Black vinyl fencing will not fade, chalk or buckle
  • The lack of maintenance is a blessing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The quality is in the production

When you stand back and look at black vinyl fencing, you really see the quality.

Our partnership with BLACKline brings you only the best of top-quality vinyl fencing.

Their production methods use formulations that manufacture vinyl fencing without any faults.

Often clients say they would not like a vinyl fence, but when they see and feel the quality, they quickly change their minds.

Quality production methods will always give the customer superior fencing options.

Black vinyl fencing works anywhere on the property

The options you get with the black vinyl fencing mean the style will work anywhere in the garden

The rail fencing works around fields, along the back of the garden area and keeps horses under control.

We offer black vinyl in two and four rail options to suit every need.

The privacy fencing is a beautiful product that goes well with every garden design. Now you can keep the neighbors out of your business, without making the garden a bleak spot. Consider putting the privacy fence around the barbecue to keep the wind away.

Remember you may not put privacy fencing in the front yard, but it works well in the back one.

The beauty of sleek black vinyl fencing is how well it blends with trees, grass, and shrubs.

You will not go wrong with black vinyl fencing on the property.

Black vinyl fencing will not fade, chalk or buckle

It once was a big problem.

When you installed the fence in the spring or fall, it looked great. The problems came when the hot summer sun got to work on the fence. It would fade, chalk and even buckle during a warm summer, which ruins the look of the fence.

The BLACKline production process does away with these problems. Their method of unique high-temperature thermoplastic formulation, adds toughness to the vinyl. Even the hottest of summer suns cannot do any damage.

With the right mixture of colorants in the vinyl and of the heat resistance properties, your fence will last through many long, hot summers.

The low maintenance is a blessing

When you learn how little maintenance you need to do, you will really see the advantage of black vinyl fencing.

It does not crack, fade, or chalk in the summer sun. There is not any need to stain, seal or paint the vinyl; it always stays the same color.

The only maintenance you need to do is wash the fence from time to time.

Vinyl cannot rot and has high impact inhibitors.

When you need low maintenance, vinyl is the only choice.

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