Railings are a vital part of the deck structure.

They make it a safe place for the kids to play on and they keep pets and local wildlife off the deck too. The railings will make the deck look good and give some privacy to a family area. They even keep the adults from slipping off the deck, when enjoying the warm summer nights.

The quality of the deck railings should be a priority. You don’t want ones which are liable to break easily or which will rot during the winter months.

With this in mind, you should think about using vinyl fencing around the deck

The benefits of using vinyl fencing for the deck railings are:

  • Vinyl lasts and lasts
  • Very little maintenance
  • Plenty of style in vinyl
  • Vinyl is easy to work with too
  • Wooden deck, vinyl rails

Let’s take a closer look at each point to see how you can get longer lasting deck railings with vinyl fencing.

Vinyl lasts and lasts

Durability is a critical factor in why so many people now choose vinyl as a fencing material.

It will look great around your deck area, and we are seeing a lot more clients using vinyl for the railings.

Vinyl will not rot, and it does not attract termites. The modern version has UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration from the sun. It also has impact inhibitors, which makes vinyl a sturdy material, as a well as a durable one.

In storm-prone areas vinyl is proving to be as good as any other fencing type, as it withstands the effects of wind, debris, and heavy snowfalls.

Very little maintenance

This is a feature which really appeals to many of our clients.

You can put up the vinyl fence deck rails and need not worry them about for a long time.

There is not any need to paint or treat the rails with sealants and fungicides and there are few repairs with vinyl.

All you will need to do is clean the railings regularly, to get leaves, dirt, and dust off, and keep the deck looking like new.

Plenty of style in vinyl

Vinyl is not just about tall, privacy fences, though it does do an excellent job there too.

You can now get vinyl in a variety of styles and a range of colors.

Vinyl picket fencing will work well as a deck railing, and our clients love the look of it on their decks.

The colors available through the new vinyl technology mean the rails can match most decorating schemes.

Vinyl is easy to work with too

Vinyl fencing is strong and durable, but it is also light compared to metal and wood.

It is possible to build a deck rail from sections of vinyl fencing on your own, making it the perfect DIY material for weekend work.

The sections fit together, and there is not any need for screws and nails.

You can cut it easily, and using our fence notch tool you can fashion new fittings for assembling the resized sections.

Wooden deck, vinyl rails

The wooden deck is a favorite in American yards.

This is especially true on warm, summer evenings with the barbecue going and the wine in the cooler.

The look and style of the vinyl fencing match the wood of the deck and people will not know the difference until they touch it.

Guests can lean against it, rest their drinks on the rails and even sit on the vinyl fence without doing any damage to the structure.

Our clients add outdoor, solar lighting to the rails, and we have a large selection from which to choose. It is easy to fit, and there is not any need for running wires or looking for power outlets.

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