“I’d like stylish horse rail fencing which looks great and will stay looking so.”

Such was the straightforward email request we got at Fence Supply Online recently.

Luckily we are teaming up with BLACKline to bring the best of fencing to our clients.

Sophistication and durability are what they do, and it’s what we’re happy to provide.

When we were looking at BLACKline it was their quality, their product range and styles, which impressed us. They make sophisticated fencing which looks good and last the tests of time. Bringing it to our customers is a pleasure.

Don’t just take our word for it, but our research may help convince you that we are right.

When buying BLACKline horse rail fencing you are getting sophistication and durability because:

  • They have the experience and knowledge
  • BLACKline products do not fade under high heat
  • Unique formula makes for tougher fencing
  • A top range of styles
  • The warranty says it all

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

They have the experience and knowledge

Years of research bring years of experience to the people at BLACKline.

Their experimentation with formulas and specific ingredients developed a fencing product beyond compare.

As a customer, you rely on that experience. It brings you a product to last for many the long year and to look good at the same time.

At Fence Supply Online we can relax, knowing that our clients are getting the best of fencing for their projects.

BLACKline products do not fade under high heat

Your horse fencing will be out in the toughest of weather conditions. It will not have the shade of the house, or trees, to protect it from the heat of the sun.

A black horse fence adds an air of sophistication to the paddocks. A dark color is also essential for the horses to see the fence when galloping around.

You do not want the black to fade or chalk. This can happen quickly with inferior products.

BLACKline developed their vinyl with the right level of black pigmentation not to fade, chalk or streak over time.

Such quality is not only evident from day one but also during the long life of the horse rail fencing.

Unique formula makes for tougher fencing

Horse rail fencing sees a lot of action during the months the horses are in the paddocks.

The horses will be kicking the fence, rubbing off it and banging against it when having their fun.

The toughness of the BLACKline horse rail fencing allows it to withstand such impact, and to keep staying strong and elegant.

The heat of the summer will not cause the color to fade, nor will the harsh weather of the fall and winter months.

A top range of styles

What we love is the range of styles on offer from our partners at BLACKline.

Their four-rail horse fence stands out as a sophisticated, stylish piece of fencing product which will grace any ranch. They also offer a two and three rail fence, for those who want a smaller size on the property.

The Diamond Rail is a favorite and adds something a bit different to the look of the fence.

For those looking for extra safety the Crossbuck is a fine addition to the ranch.

All fences come with a choice of post caps to suit a customer’s sense of style.

The warranty says it all

My word is my bond may be an old-fashioned concept these days, but we like to know we can trust a supplier.

The warranty offered by BLACKline is a comprehensive one.

It covers abnormal weathering, discoloration, chalking, sagging and twisting; common problems you get when using lesser-quality vinyl fencing.

If you want sophistication and durability, then BLACKline horse rail fencing is for you.

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