Getting the most life out of your wood fence takes planning and a little time.  Wood needs caring for but not as much as you may think. The rewards are obvious, though, when you see that strong and beautiful fence every day for many years.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about caring for a wooden fence. Getting the longest life possible is one of the most popular questions. We get inquiries from newbies as well as well-seasoned wood fence owners. They all want to do the best by their wood fence.

We asked our team of experts to come up with some top suggestions on getting a long life from a wood fence. They argued, laughed, and drank a lot of coffee before coming up with a long list of ideas. The top ideas make a lot of sense, and we put them down on paper.

Included on the list of getting the most life out of your wood fence are:

  • Use quality wood when installing the fence
  • Do not forget to stain and seal
  • Keep the plant growth under control

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Use quality wood when installing the fence

There is not any point in hoping for a long life from your fence when you use low-quality wood. You can buy a cheap product, and it will look good for a couple of months. After a hot summer or long winter, you will see why it cost so little.

We only supply American Southern Yellow Pine and Western Cedar wood fences. All the products are pressure-treated to ensure it is weather-resistant from day one. Using local wood means that the fence is naturally resistant to our North American weather systems as well.

Do not forget to stain and seal

Even though you install the best of American wood, which is also pressure-treated, it does not mean you ignore the stain and seal work.

Staining and sealing the wood is vital to get a long life out of your wood fence. The stain soaks deep into the wood and prevents it from drying out. The seal prevents water and moisture from doing damage to the surface of the fence.

We supply Stain & Seal fence products to care for your fence. It is a commercial product but is ideal for the smaller jobs too. It is easy to brush on, soaks in quickly, and does not streak or fade.

Keep the plant growth under control

Many people forget to do this one. The wood fence needs protection from all that grows around it in the garden or out in the fields.

Tree branches and shrubs can blow hard against the wood fence during storms. The constant scraping will remove any protective coating and let the moisture into the wood. Grass and other plants can be a pathway for termites to get into the fence.

Keep the grass and plants away from your fence.

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