Large Solar post cap

Have you considered installing lighted fence caps on that lovely project you built around the backyard?

The fence post lights will add a touch of style on a summer or late fall evening.

They will also add an extra layer of security to your home, as a lighted yard is a lot more off-putting to the bad guys than the dim one.

We have an excellent selection of lighted fence caps available from which to choose and the solar caps mean there is no wiring or any extra utility costs.

A question we often hear from our customers is ‘how many of the fence caps do I need?’

There are a few tips to getting the perfect spacing for lighted fence caps such as:

  • Try The Standard Spacing First
  • Think Of How Much Extra Light You Need
  • Does The Deck Need Lighting Too?
  • Have A Look At The Neighbors Lighting Plan

Let’s have a look at each point to see if we can shed a little more light on the subject.

Try The Standard Spacing First

If you have a fence in a dark yard, then have a think about where you want the lights to go.

The standard spacing for a fence running around the back or front yard is a lighted fence post cap about every second post.

This way should give you enough light to have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at night.

Many people only go with a large, decorative fence post light on every corner.

These will give enough light for a gentle background glow, while also providing the home that extra layer of security.

If you find that you want light, then add the post caps where needed.

Think Of How Much Extra Light You Need

Take a walk around the garden on a dark evening.

Does the lighting from the house or maybe the deck cover a lot of the yard?

If so you may only need a lighted fence cap on every third or fourth post.

Too much light can take away from the ambiance you are looking for in the garden at night.

The significant benefit of solar fence post caps is that they are easy to fit and if you want to add extra later you will not need to do any more wiring.

Does The Deck Need Lighting Too?

This is actually quite an important question.

If you are planning to use the deck on those warm summer evenings, then you will also want to light it.

Too much lighting in the garden can take away from the overall atmosphere.

A lighted fence post cap on each of the deck posts and one every third-yard fence post might be just perfect.

If you don’t like the look of the finished work, you can always add, or remove, the ones you may or may not need.

Deck lighting can be very discreet and the well-lit fence may look great as a warming background.

In this case, one on every post will do the trick.

Add a Decorative Cap as well to change up the look.

Take A Look At The Neighbors

It never hurts to take a quick peek at what the neighbors are doing.

They will probably have a similar yard size to what you have and the same fence running around it.

If you like the look of their lighting copy, then copy their spacing scheme.

Maybe you’d like extra light in your yard, then add a few more lights and see how it looks.

Remember to add a few decorative lighted fence post caps at the corners or maybe the center posts.

It will add extra style to your design and make it look a bit different from the neighbors.

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