Who doesn’t love a heritage picket fence? We all want that heritage picket fence, the one that says ‘home’ more than any other style.

Heritage Pickets

How do you get such a fence and how do you erect one on the property?

Like any construction job, you build it section by section.

Learning how to set out the posts is key to getting the job done properly.

To set out the posts for your heritage picket fence you will need to:

  • Prepare as you mean to go on
  • Start at the end
  • Add the interior posts
  • Don’t forget the caps

Let’s take a closer look at each point before you go constructing.

Prepare as you mean to go on

You must get the layout of the picket fence right from the start.

Call to your fence supply company and choose the heritage picket style and posts you want for the property.

Always use a material suitable for your home district and don’t skimp on the quality.

Back home map out the area where the fence is going and consult with the neighbors before you start to build.

Get your tools ready: the hole digger, the spirit level, tamper, and the general toolbox.

You will also need pea gravel and a fairly dry concrete mix.

Start at the end

Think of where the fence is going and mark out exactly where the end, or corner, posts are going.

These are fixed spots for the heritage picket fence, and everything else will lead from where you erect the posts.

At the first corner dig the hole to the required depth, the recommended depth is down to around a third of the full length of the post

Pour a few scoops of pea gravel into the hole, covering about a third of the depth.

Fix the post in the gravel and fit it down using the post tamper.

Use your level to ensure the post is straight and at the required depth.

When happy, pour in the concrete mix, if using, and slope the sides to take any surface water away from the base of the post.

Use a caulk filler around the base of the post to seal it, and to prevent any movement.

Repeat for the opposite end of the fence and at each corner, if you are enclosing the property

Add the interior posts

The usual length of a picket panel is eight feet, between each post.

Using a measuring tape mark out the eight feet from the corner post to where the next post is going.

Dig the hole for the next post, making sure it is in line with the corner.

Fit the post in the ground, following the same steps you did for the corner, or end posts.

When happy with the post, move on to the next one and keep repeating until you reach the next end post.

Make sure each post is in line with the one before, and double check with the corner one too.

Remember the gate when you are doing the front yard.

Don’t forget the caps and accessories

Now that you know how to set out the posts you should quickly get the rest of them in place.

The next job will be to fit the panels, or the individual rails and pickets if you are building the fence picket by picket.

The fence will look good, but post caps and other accessories finish the work beautifully.

Choose from our selection of caps to match the style of your heritage picket fence.

They are easy to fit using the fence post adapters.

Add post lights too, and our choice of beautiful solar-powered lamps are the perfect finish for any construction job.

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