When Should You Hire Someone To Install Your Fencing?

There is a certain sense of pride in looking at something that you have built yourself.

When you need a fence installed, you have basically two options, build it yourself or hire someone to construct it.

There are three main factors that you should consider when deciding if you should hire someone to install your fencing:

  • Your Own Competency
  • Cost Versus Time
  • Quality And Guarantees

Your Own Competency

You may have some experience in carpentry or DIY. But the size of your next fencing project may exceed your current levels of competency.

Larger projects can contain their own complexities such as regulations and permits from your local municipality.

You need to consider if you know exactly what tools, equipment, and supplies you will need and if you are confident undertaking this project.

If you do decide to build it yourself, the good thing is that there are some online services and tools that can help you estimate the stores that you require, these companies can also prepare most of the components of your fence.

Some suppliers such as fencingsupplyonline.com provide instructional videos to help with your fencing project so for lots of these fences you may well be able to build them yourself.

Ultimately, only you can determine whether or not you are confident with your skill level, experience and aptitude to manage your own fence installation.

Cost Versus Time

When we look at the costs of hiring a contractor it can seem like it would be much cheaper to install the fence ourselves. With some suppliers providing wholesale pricing of materials, the main cost variations with a self-build will be the cost of the manpower and equipment.

The main issue is that we might not have all the professional tools and manpower that a qualified fencing crew is equipped with. You may be able to rent equipment and retain insured workers from temporary staffing offices but you’ll still have to coordinate the project.

A good contractor can install your fencing a lot faster than you and can coordinate permit or approvals etc. to ensure smooth sailing throughout the construction process.

This means that the financial costs may be higher but this can be offset by the construction time that you save. This can be particularly important if you have a tight deadline.

Contractors should also abide by safety regulations which could reduce your liability and avoid potential fines or other unforeseen costs.

The primary decision here is what is more important to you, the extra cost of hiring a professional or the speed that the fence will be constructed. Your financial budget and any specific deadlines will be the determining factors here.

Quality And Guarantees

If you purchase the materials to construct your fencing yourself, although there may be some guarantees as to the performance of those materials. The one thing that you cannot guarantee is the quality of the build.

For very large projects you might want the added confidence provided by a contractors guarantees.

During any construction project, there is the potential for unforeseen eventualities. What you may experience as a one-off complication may be just another daily hurdle for an experienced fencing contractor.

How these unforeseen hurdles are dealt with can affect the quality of your build. Whereas your own solution to an issue may affect the quality of the finished product, an experienced fencing contractor may just take it in their stride (and still produce a high quality finished project).

Having All The Facts

In order to decide when you should hire someone to install your fencing, you need to evaluate your own competency and the size of the fencing project.
You will need to determine if your priority is the cost of the project or the time required to install the fence.

Your choice of guaranteed workmanship over the sense of achievement of a self-build must also be considered.

If you are considering whether to self-build or to hire a contractor, why not check out our selection of installation videos and see how easy it could be to install a fence yourself.


Image: Source Unsplash.com, Alex Radelich