What’s the difference in Vinyl Fence?

Home Improvement Vinyl Fence vs Commercial grade

The key to big box store shopping is to know, what you are getting for the price you are paying. I highly urge you to go and look at their fencing first hand. Feel it, touch it, push it and you will see that it gives quite a bit.

The panels are thinner and are generally hollow with no internal ribbing and reinforcement. They also utilize a bracket system which is an inferior way to assemble vinyl fencing and requires external hardware which distract from the clean lines of vinyl.

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Their fencing usually comes pre-assembled. Oh, I hear you out there, “Isn’t that more convenient?” Yes and no, assembled sections do provide some convenience. But high quality commercial grade vinyl fencing always comes unassembled. Why? To be able to ship your order more securely so you receive it, complete and undamaged. It also allows you the opportunity to personally attend to each stage of construction, insuring the lifetime strength and durability of your fencing investment.

Many find out the hard way that the posts and caps are where these stores make their money. Which is why they sell their fencing in six foot panels (rather than eight) as this means more posts, caps, and concrete. You will of course, need posts and caps to assemble a vinyl fence. So, when you’re pricing various options, you’ll need to add these costs into the total. Wow! That great chain store price wasn’t so fabulous after all, was it? Think about it. If you are going to make a lifetime investment in vinyl fencing for your beloved home. The rule of thumb is that, quality always trumps economy. In the long run, you’ll end up paying less for a whole lot more.

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