It’s surprising what a few home improvements can do. Fencing the deck, painting the walls, or taking on a new DIY project in the yard-they all add value. At Fence Supply Online we know that DIY projects also make you feel good, and that sense of achievement is certainly one way to put a smile on your face.

Fencing your deck can be a big project, but if you approach it correctly, you will have an elegant fence in place for the summer barbecue. As in all DIY projects the detail is in the planning, and knowing what you are doing before you begin is half the battle.

One of our regular customers called recently. She was thinking of fencing the deck area and wanted a few ideas.

“Well Patty,” said our expert, “there are a few guidelines to follow to get this project done properly.”

“What should I do?” was the next question.

Luckily this wasn’t the first time a caller asked about deck fencing and our expert was able to help Patty straight off the bat.

Our list of guidelines for fencing your deck includes:

  • Draw up a plan
  • Use vinyl for fencing your deck
  • Installing is easy – when you know how
  • Add lighting to the deck fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Draw up a plan

Failing to plan is like planning to fail, so a wise man, or more than likely a woman, once said to me.

The saying is worth remembering and following.

Take a look at your deck and decide on the style of fence you would like on it.

Measure the deck and think about height and make sure you do not block any views of the sunset.

You will need tools, so make sure the toolbox is full and all batteries are on charge.

When ready, you can begin the work.

Use vinyl for fencing your deck

At Fence Supply Online, we recommend using vinyl as a fencing product on the deck.

Modern vinyl is sturdy, and it will not crack, break, or split under pressure.

It does not rot or suffer from mildew, and it is straightforward to maintain.

The range of choices will give you plenty to think about when choosing a style.

Vinyl is also easy to work with, and you need only a couple of additional tools.

Even color is not a problem anymore and you will find the right shade to match any garden design scheme.

Installing is easy-when you know how

We deliver vinyl in flatpack form. This makes it easy to store on your property, and there is minimal assembly.

The panels and posts will come in the style, color, height, and length which you order.

Do not forget the fence post holders when ordering the product.

Install the fence post holders on the deck at the spacings according to your plans.

Insert the fence posts into each of the fence post holders.

Slot the fence panels into the posts. They should easily click into place. You will not need to nail, screw, or glue them into the pre-cut slots.

Take your time and get each panel in place before moving on to the next one.

Add lighting to the deck fencing

There is nothing better than a subtly lit deck on a fall evening.

A summer barbecue will work well on the deck, and lighting up the fence brightens the evening for the visitors.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide array of lighting types. We have solar-powered lights that can fit onto an adapter on the post and there is not any need for wiring.

Security lighting and LEDs are other options for adding to the design of your new deck fencing.

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