Is vinyl ranch fencing the safer option? How do I know if this vinyl fence will really work and keep my horses safe at all times? I’m a wood fence type of person, and I don’t know about this vinyl fencing.

These are just some of the questions and opinions we get when one of our experts recommends a vinyl horse fence to a rancher. They know from experience how important the right fence is on their ranch, and they do not want to take any chances. We know that vinyl can be a safer option, and our experience is what you can trust.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide range of top-quality vinyl fencing. We appreciate how horse owners rely on us to give them the best options, and we believe in our fencing products. To help our clients see the quality in a vinyl horse fence we put a few ideas together.

Included on our list of why vinyl fencing is the safer option for your ranch are:

  • American-made vinyl is of the highest quality
  • Horses will not injure themselves on a vinyl fence
  • Maintenance is low while the quality lasts
  • We have options for every ranch

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

American-made vinyl is of the highest quality

We know that vinyl fencing once came with many problems, but not so anymore

American-made vinyl fencing is of the highest quality, and we are proud to offer it to our clients. At Fence Supply Online we know and trust in the quality of this fencing product.

The modern vinyl fencing will not fade, buckle, chalk or deteriorate under the summer sun. The impact inhibitors reduce damage and make for a very sturdy fence on your property.

Our BLACKline horse fencing is a top-quality ranch fence. The unique production of the vinyl fencing gives you a fence that will look as good in ten years as it does today.

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Horses will not injure themselves on a vinyl fence

You probably know the problem. Something spooks the horses and when they run, one of them collides full-on with the four-rail fence.

The wooden fence will split, and if a horse runs into a broken rail it can do serious damage to itself. Often the injury is so severe that the beautiful horse does not survive.

Modern vinyl horse fencing does not split into a dangerous state upon impact. The worst that could happen is that the fence falls over. Impact inhibitors give you a very robust fence that does not break under pressure.

Horses can see the black or white fence against the green grass, and they know to stay clear of the structure.

Maintenance is low while the quality lasts

We often hear ranch owners saying that the costs of a vinyl fence are high compared to the wooden options.

While this may once have been true, the cost of American-made vinyl is now very competitive. If you are planning a fence project, use our Draw It & Quote It software for an idea on costs.

A great benefit of the vinyl ranch fencing is the low maintenance costs.

You will not need to stain and seal the fence annually. Vinyl fencing does not attract termites and other insects. It will not rot or mildew in damp conditions.

Keeping your maintenance time and costs low will save you money over the life of the fence.

We have options for every ranch

Vinyl ranch fencing gives you plenty of options.

You can enclose your paddock and keep your horses safe with any style of fence.

Take a look at our range before making up your mind.

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