Solar light post caps are an excellent innovation. Before, you would need to run wires to each post and find an external power source, but not anymore. Now with solar lights, you can add them without any unsightly wiring.

At Fence Supply Online we often suggest lighting to fence owners when they are planning a new project. We also get inquiries from homeowners asking for tips on decorating and maybe lighting up their fence. When we suggest using solar light post caps we usually get a few nods and many questions. A top question is spacing the solar light post caps.

We asked our team of experts to come with guidelines on how far apart to space the caps. It is often the first or second question, as it is something people want to get right. They gave us a few ideas, and we put the best ones into a post to help our customers.

Included on the list of how far to space solar light post caps is:

  • Think about how much light you need
  • Solar light post caps on every post?
  • Installing the caps is easy
  • Maybe add a few decorative solar lights too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Think about how much light you need

Often when we ask people how much light do they need in the yard, they look surprised. It is something they had not thought about when planning the lighting project.

If you want a lot of light, maybe for security reasons, then one on every post will do. When going for a more subtle look, then a one on every second post will be plenty. As you can easily remove or add the solar post caps, you can make changes later.

Take a look at a neighbor’s yard when looking for inspiration.

Solar light post caps on every post

If you do decide on putting one on each post, then take a look at our range.

Our stock includes some very subtle designs which throw out just enough light for the area. You might find that the fence is perfectly decorated with the right light on each post.

The Cape May downward solar light post cap is an example of such a lighting style.

Installing the caps is easy

A significant advantage of solar light post caps is how easy they are to install.

You add the light adapter to hold the post cap in place; this goes on over the top of the post. The light then clips into the adapter, and you are ready to go—no messy wires or looking for power sources.

It is an effortless job to do.

Maybe add a few decorative solar lights too

If you want to add more style, try installing a decorative light on a few posts. Some people add them to the corners or maybe as centerpieces on the fence.

Take a look at our range of decorative solar lights to get a few ideas.

They will definitely make your lighting very eye-catching to the family and guests.

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