Vinyl privacy fencing will help in the fight to keep pests out of your trash.

Fencing has many uses and keeping the trash out of view, and safe is one of them. It can even help keep the beloved family pet out of it too. The neighbor’s dog can go elsewhere when looking a trash can to knock over, when you have the right fence in place.

Installing the right fence is easy, but the trick is choosing the one for your situation. We often get clients complaining about pests in the trash and wondering if we have any solutions.

On our list of how fencing can keep pests out of your trash are:

  • The vinyl privacy fence ticks all the boxes
  • Bury it deep
  • Build it high
  • Don’t forget the gate
  • Accessorize the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The vinyl privacy fence ticks all the boxes

Modern vinyl fencing is very versatile.

Manufacturing improvements make it robust, sturdy and durable. You won’t spend time and money on maintenance, which will offset initial costs.

The vinyl privacy fence incorporates the best of modern manufacturing, and you will see the value of your investment over its long life.

The privacy fence panels come in flatpack units, the pickets tightly fitting together, making it impenetrable to pests and pets.

You fix the posts in the ground and assemble the fence quickly and simply by attaching the panels as you work.  The panels slot into place, without the need for screws or nails. The vinyl is easy to cut, if necessary.

Perfect for the weekend DIY job.

Bury it deep

Cats, rats, dogs and possums, they are all good at digging under fences and finding their way into the trash and recycling.

You’ll wonder why the trash is all over the ground, but the telltale hole under the fence tells its own story.

To get around this problem, you will need to bury the foot of the fence in or as close to a concrete bed as possible.

Go down about a foot beneath the surface and at least six inches either side of the fence panels.

The beauty of vinyl fencing is that it will not rot so you can place in or on the concrete without any worries.

Build it high

You know how bright those pests and Fido the dog can be when looking for food.

They will find their way over any barrier and fence by climbing up on sheds and trees to get an advantage.

Place your trash and recycling area as far away from these jumping aids as possible.

We offer vinyl privacy fences in heights of 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot, which should keep most animals at bay.

When you build high and protect the foot of the fence too, you should put most pests off from trying to get into the area.

Don’t forget the gate

Enclose the trash and recycling area; it is the only way to make it secure.

Don’t forget, as one of our clients did recently, to plan for a gate.

The gate will need to be self-closing and self-locking and should be at least as high as the fence.

Often the gate is the weak point of a fence structure.

With a bit of thought and planning, it need not be.

Accessorize the fence

Add a bit of fence bling with a few accessories.

If you build a recycling area which is secure, at the correct height and with a concrete bed along the ground, it will do the job.

However, it may look, well, a bit bare in the yard and catch the eye for the wrong reasons.

Luckily there are a few accessories that give a personal touch to your recycling center.

Fence post caps add a decorative touch to a tall structure. Solar powered lamps can light the area at night, and our unique styles are very fashionable too.

Vinyl privacy fences now come in a range of colors for the personal touch.

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