There’s a lot to love about a privacy fence. You can install it around your entire backyard and ensure that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without your neighbors constantly looking over. You can install it around your pool for some privacy in the water. The possibilities are endless. You also have many possibilities when it comes to the material you choose for that privacy fence. You can opt for wood, which is a timeless classic. However, you can also choose a vinyl privacy fence. How long might such a fence last, though?

The Truth about Fencing Materials

There’s something of a lingering stigma for vinyl fencing. When it was first introduced, it wasn’t quite yet ready for prime time. It was light, strong and affordable, but it didn’t last very long when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. However, with the introduction of titanium oxide in the mix, vinyl fencing no longer has this problem and is now one of the most durable products on the market. It can outlast wood by a significant amount of time.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

With wood privacy fences, you might get about 14 years out of the fence, assuming that you go with a high-quality wood and that you’re scrupulous about cleaning, sealing, staining and other maintenance tasks. With vinyl, you’ll get decades of use out of the fence, at least double what you’d see with wood. We actually offer a 30 year warranty on the material. In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about painting, sealing, staining or repairs. A vinyl privacy fence only needs periodic cleaning with a cloth and a mild detergent.

Comparing Costs of Wood and Vinyl Privacy Fence


Wood is pretty cheap. Vinyl privacy fence, on the other hand, is slightly higher. However, understand that this is only the upfront cost. Yes, you’ll pay more to have it installed initially. The reality here, though, is that this is misleading. Wood eventually becomes more expensive than vinyl through maintenance and upkeep costs. You’ll also have to replace it much sooner (14 years, versus potentially never). That means you might expect to spend three or even four times as much with wood fencing over the course of your home ownership than you would with a vinyl privacy fence.

What About Strength?

Many people have heard that while vinyl fencing is strong, it doesn’t hold up under impacts. It won’t stop a car, or a runaway horse. However, neither will wood. A vinyl privacy fence will be more than strong enough to handle a thrown baseball or softball, or even a pet intent on getting to a squirrel on the other side. It will also hold up to most other run-of-the-mill damage. In fact, you can expect vinyl to survive just about anything that wood can survive and emerge looking better than its counterpart. Our fence exceeds the Miami-Dade County standards for vinyl fence.

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A Caveat

Of course, there are a few words of caution that need to be said. While vinyl is very strong and durable, and a vinyl privacy fence can last for a lifetime, you need to be smart when shopping around. Not all fences are created equal, so it’s important to buy from a reputable manufacturer. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a fence that looks nice, but won’t last longer than a wood privacy fence. Pay attention to where the fencing material is made, whether the manufacturer is based in the USA using the highest amounts of titanium oxide, and what is the warranty offered on the fence.