A gate will make any fence complete.

Though this is a popular saying around the Fence Supply Online offices, it isn’t yet a state or federal law. It does surprise us though how often clients forget to plan for a gate or choose one which isn’t at all suitable for the structure.

Our experts will suggest a gate for any fence, even if you haven’t thought about including one in your plans.

We asked our team about adding gates to property fences, and how often should you add them.

The following points appear on their guidelines:

  • Always add a gate to a pool fence
  • Regulations insist on a rear access gate
  • Gates can add a decorative touch to a fence
  • Check with authorities and the HOA

Let’s take a closer look at each point before you build your fence.

Always add a gate to the pool fence

In many states it is already law that you need a pool fence and gate. The law is spreading to most areas so it may be a good idea to install one, and the right gate.

While a pool fence gives security and control to a dangerous area of the yard, the weak spot may be the gate.

Your pool fence gate needs to be self-closing, to stop kids from wandering in and out when your back is turned. The self-closing gate will keep the area tidy and not add another obstacle for you to fall over when having fun.

A self-locking gate is essential too. It will stop kids getting in when you are not around, and it will prevent it from blowing open in the wind.

Always keep the key somewhere safe and out of the reach of the kids.

Regulations insist on a rear access gate

This is another law which is almost countrywide at this stage.

You must give proper access to emergency services through the fence at the rear of your property.

If you have a fire or medical emergency at the back of the home, you will want the services to get in as quickly as possible.

Tall, secure privacy fences are now very popular at the rear of many homes and with good reason too.

Do not forget to add a secure gate to the structure, for those times we hope will never happen.

Gates can add a decorative touch to a fence

Many fences, especially ones on larger properties and along boundary lines can look a bit plain.

You can add accessories like fence post caps and solar-powered lamps to take away from the bare feel of the structure.

A gate is an ideal way of breaking up the length of a long fence. You can be decorative in your choice and clients often grow shrubs and flowering vines around the gate for a touch of color.

A small gate will allow the kids to come and go too. It may even stop them from climbing over and doing damage to themselves or the fence.

The focal point of a gate will welcome guests and give you a place to meet the neighbors too.

Check with authorities and the HOA

There are rules and regulations around most things to do with the home and surrounding property.

You may be aware of most of them, and the majority are there for a good reason, such as emergencies and the overall look of the street.

It is a good idea to check with the authorities when building a fence. They will tell you if you need a gate and what type of gate is suitable for your area.

The HOA will have another set of rules on styles, colors, and decorations. For the sake of local peace, it is advisable to give them a shout too.

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