3 rail wood fence

Any useful tips for giving the fence a longer life?

It is a common question at Fence Supply Online.  We have plenty of answers too,  as we know our customers need help in keeping their fence looking as good as day one.

Moisture from rain, sleet, snow and ice is a big enemy of wood fences.  You need to use pressure-treated wood on every fence project, but staining and sealing the wood is vital too.

A good maintenance schedule is vital for all fence types, and the sooner you have one in place, the better for your fence.

At Fence Supply Online we are only too happy to recommend Stain & Seal Experts’ stains for your fence. They have the years of experience to match our customers’ needs.

Stain & Seal Experts fence stains prolong your fence life by:

  • Sealing the wood
  • Supplying eco-friendly stains to protect your fence and family
  • Using solvent-free products to last longer
  • Being easy to apply
  • Making the same product to use everywhere

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Sealing the wood

Your wood fence is open to all the elements throughout the year.

Sun, rain, hail, wind and snow will batter the wood into submission unless you take action

A Stain & Seal Expert product takes care of the wood. Not only will the stain bring out the color and style of the grain but it will seal it too. The stains protect against harmful UV rays, the cold of the winter and the heavy rains, which can soak deep into unprotected wood.

The stains also keep out termites and other insects, which only love to feast on the fresh wood.

By supplying eco-friendly stains to protect your fence and family

The Eco Friendly stains from Stain & Seal Experts are safe to use around your family and do not give off harmful gases during hot weather.

It is a peace of mind to know that the wood is getting deep protection, without being a danger to the family, pets and wildlife.

Many other eco-friendly products can be weak. They do not last or do a great job of protecting the wood.

These Eco Friendly stains are washable, penetrate deep into the wood and offer long-lasting protection for many years.

Using solvent-free products to last longer

The stains offered by Stain & Seal Experts are solvent free.

Many solvents are carcinogenic and are not a good option for the family’s health.

The paraffinic mineral oil used for the production of the stains is only of the highest quality.

All of the solvent-free seals and stains are of commercial grade too, which offer an even higher level of protection to your fence.

Being easy to apply

The quality of the Stain & Seal products makes them very popular with professionals.

This does not mean that you cannot use them at home on your fence and deck too.

They are very easy to apply, and you will find the job goes quicker and easier with the quality product.

You can apply with a brush or spraying unit, and watch while the quality comes through as the wood dries.

Making the same product to use everywhere

You do not need a different Stain & Seal product for the deck than the one for the fence.

The same batch will work everywhere, making the maintenance of your outdoor wood products an easy job.

As the products are safe to use you can also apply them to the wood interiors of your home.

They are designed to withstand the toughest of weather, so regardless of your local climate the Stain & Seal products will do an excellent job.

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