Your fence posts are a vital part of the fencing structure.

They keep the rails in place, make sure the fence runs straight, and keep it stable during a storm. People often scrimp on the posts but find out their mistake when the fence only lasts a few years.

At Fence Supply Online we know how important your fence posts are and that you need to care for them. With this in mind, we are proud to recommend PostSaver to our clients. We know it is a product that can add life to your fence posts; in some cases, it can add another 20 years to the life of a post.

“How can I add life to those old fence posts?” one of our customers asked recently.

“Why not use PostSaver?” was the quick answer from our expert.

“How does that work?” was the next question.

Luckily the answers are not difficult to find, and soon our expert was convincing the client of the benefits of PostSaver. To help all of our clients, we put some of the best points into a short document.

Tips included on our list of how to add 20 years of life to fence posts using PostSaver are:

  • Ground rot is the big killer for fence posts
  • What exactly does PostSaver do?
  • Have the PostSaver sleeve above and below the ground
  • What are the benefits of PostSaver?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Ground rot is the big killer for fence posts

Ground rot is that lethal combination of leaves, grass clippings, surface water, and heat that rots the post just at ground level. The chemical cocktail will do a lot of damage to the post, just where you cannot see it at work.

You may bury the fence post at the correct distance, and use the best of treated wood too. Unfortunately, though, you will still get ground rot, and it does a lot of damage.

Maintenance is an excellent way of keeping on top of the ground rot conditions, but it is not easy to do it all the time.

You need to use PostSaver.

What exactly does PostSaver do?

PostSaver is a thermoplastic sleeve that keeps the wood at ground level as dry as the day it left the factory.

The sleeve is heat applied, so it shrinks onto the wood, leaving an impenetrable barrier between the wood and the elements.

Once in place, the PostSaver sleeve keeps an air and watertight seal for at least 20 years.

While traditional liquid barriers do a great job, PostSaver keeps working even when the wood splits.

Always apply the PostSaver sleeve before assembling the fence.

Have the PostSaver sleeve above and below the ground

The foot of the post needs the most protection.

While fixing the PostSaver to the part of the post buried in the dirt does some good, it doesn’t help where it is needed the most.

You should apply the sleeve so about two inches is above the ground, and the rest is in the dirt.

This way it will give protection where the grass, leaves, and other debris gathers.

Applying the sleeve correctly will give the wood the longer life you need.

What are the benefits of PostSaver?

The benefits of PostSaver sleeves are the long life it gives to the fence posts.

There is a warranty of 20 years, which shows how much the manufacturer believes in the product.

At Fence Supply Online we see many, many good fences come down because the post rots only a few years after installation.

While you may not always see rot, it is there, eating away at your fence posts.

Applying PostSaver sleeves will give you peace of mind.

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