Solar post caps are a popular product with our customers.

We find they often come back for more, deciding to light up the deck and the pool fence once they see the first ones in place.

The beauty of solar post caps is how easy it is to add them to an existing fence.

“Ah, it’s too late to add lighting now,” one of our customers said recently when the subject came up.

“It’s never too late Pete,” we said, and when we showed him the selection, Pete quickly changed his mind.

This got us thinking about how clients sometimes do not know their options. To solve the problem we asked the experts to come up with a few guidelines on adding lighting.

The result is this post, which should help you when adding lights to your property.

On the list of how to add solar post caps to your fence is:

  • Measure the size of the fence post
  • Fit the fence post adapter
  • Slide the solar post cap into place
  • Look no wires
  • Plenty of choice in solar post caps

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Measure the size of the fence post

It may surprise you how many people get this part wrong when installing fence post lighting.

The size of the fence post makes all the difference.

At Fence Supply Online we supply solar post caps to suit all post sizes.

There is not a one size fits all answer: only a 4” by 4” light will fit a 4” by 4” post cap.

Measure before you buy is a good rule.

Fit the fence post adapter

In all likelihood you will need to fit a fence post adapter before adding the solar post cap.

These are very easy to fit but remember to buy the right size ones for your posts.

The adapters slide over the fence post, without the need to nail, screw or glue into place.

You will see that the adapters are as stylish as the lighting and only add to the look of the fence.

Slide the solar post cap into place

Once you have the fence post adapter attached and your lighting style chosen, then comes the easy part.

The lights slide easily into the adapters.

They will sit there and stay in place, despite any high winds or knocks the fence may get from the kids or livestock.

Adding a solar post cap is not a difficult task.

Look no wires

One of the many reasons adding a solar post cap is so easy is that there are not any external wires.

You do not need to run any power source from the house.

Neither do you need to run any unsightly wires up the side of the posts. This makes the lighting very safe to use, especially when you have kids around the place.

You can have it on a timer or individual switches, depending on the what you prefer.

Plenty of choice in solar post caps

Another advantage is the range of choice in styles.

This one surprises many of our customers, who may be a bit skeptical at first.

The stained glass range will catch the eye of visitors on a summers evening.

For ranches or larger garden areas, you can fit the Imperial solar post cap for light throughout the property.

Pick a style from our range, and you will not go far wrong.

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