White vinyl privacy fence

Did you build a retaining wall around a problem spot in the yard?

Have you some bricks left over and now you’re wondering what to do with them?

Why not continue the look by building a fence out of the retaining wall bricks?

It is easy to do and the yard will look great when the retaining wall fence is complete.

To build a fence out of retaining wall bricks follow these steps:

  • Draw A Plan
  • Order A Supply Of Retaining Wall Bricks
  • Dig The Foundations
  • Build That Wall
  • Add The Fence To Finish

Let’s have a look at each point in a bit more detail.

Draw A Plan

All good jobs begin with a good plan.

Mark the length of the wall, along with the width and the height.

Do you want to put a gentle curve in the fence or will it be as straight as an arrow?

Think too of any planting you are going to do around the fence and how to make it part of the landscape of your yard.

By drawing a plan you will know how much mortar, concrete and bricks to order.

The planning stage is also an excellent time to recruit a willing helper, if you need one and the chances are you will, to share the labor.

Order A Supply Of Retaining Wall Bricks

With your plan in place calculate how many bricks you will need.

The standard way of doing this is to work out how many you need per square foot and multiply by the amount of square footage in the overall wall.

If you have a load left from a previous job use them here, but you may need a lot more to complete the new fence. Always order more than you think you need, to cover breakage and unforeseen extra parts of the wall.

Do not forget an order of matching capstone to finish the wall properly and the concrete and mortar.

Dig The Foundations

You will need to go down at least two feet into the ground for a good foundation.

Mix the concrete according to the instructions and fill the foundation area. Leave to set fully, maybe a couple of days.

Place your builder’s string along the length of the proposed wall to ensure you will go in a straight line.

When ready, mix the mortar and place a layer on the concrete. Place the first line of bricks along the foundation, keeping a perfectly straight line as you go

Build That Wall

With the first line of bricks in place, you can begin to build the wall.

Begin at one end and place the next brick so that its center is directly over the join of the last two on the first line of bricks. Complete the line of bricks, placing mortar where the bricks meet face to face and the layer below. Use the mortar sparingly and scrape away any residue.

You will need to cut a brick to fill the gap where the first brick did not meet the end of the wall.

You are giving the wall strength by staggering the bricks as you build each layer.

Continue building until you are at the height according to your plans.

Top the wall with the capstones when you finish the building.

Add A Fence To Finish

A wall of retaining wall bricks can reach just a few feet in height

Consider adding a small run of fence to top it off nicely and to give the wall extra height.

A picket fence or a privacy fence are popular choices for these projects.

The added security is a bonus and the fence will look good around the yard.

It is a simple job to fit the post holders into the capstone, or you can space the caps to install the fence post holder at fixed lengths along the wall.

When the job is complete you can call the neighbors and family to show off your lovely work.

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