A screening fence will do many jobs. You can screen off the pool and barbecue sections of the garden, giving you and the family privacy. It can also give you control of who goes in and out of the pool area.

white vinyl privacy fence

A screening fence will protect from the weather and help keep the yard tidy.

Erecting a fence to screen the garden from a busy street gives you privacy day and night. It can also reduce noise levels from passing traffic and stop the kids from running out on that road.

The screening fence can protect plants and shrubs from the prevailing wind. Your family will enjoy the summer months when they can lie out and not feel the wind on their backs.

You can build a screening fence with just a few tools, and over a small area, you can do it on the weekend.

To build that screening fence you will need to:

  • Plan the fence and buy the materials
  • Dig the holes and fit the posts
  • Add the panels
  • Finish it well

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Plan the fence and buy the materials

Plan ahead and save time, money and get the project right from the start.

Mark out the area where the fence is going. If it is boundary one make sure you are on your property and the fence obeys local ordinance. Have a word with your neighbors too, to keep them happy.

Choose the right fencing material for the job.

Vinyl privacy fences are very popular as they are durable, look great and need very little maintenance.

Tools you will want for this job include a spirit level, hole auger, fence post tamper, electric drill, and your usual toolbox.

If the fence is going on concrete, you will need post holders and  a drill for the holes.

Dig the holes and fit the posts

When erecting a screening fence along the boundary, you should mark where each post goes as you map the area.

Using the auger or hole digger, make a hole of the right depth and width for your posts.

Remember to bury the post down to at least one-third of the total post length for stability.

If you are going around the pool, or barbecue area, you may need to fit the post holders onto the concrete.

Mark the holes in the post holders onto the concrete. Drill down to the right depth and screw the holders onto the concrete.

Keep a straight line and do not forget to include a gate.

Add the panels

With the posts in place comes the time for building the screening fence.

Attach the panels to the fence posts, one after another and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on doing the work correctly.

Use your spirit level to keep the fence at the correct height while you progress along the line.

Vinyl privacy panels usually slot into the posts without the need for screws and nails.

A vinyl privacy fence, with a mid-rail, can reach a good height, which is perfect for keeping the eyes of others away from your yard.

Finish it well

Building the fence is only one part of the screening fence project.

Now comes the time for accessories and for thinking of the summer and fall months.

Tidy up around the area and make it safe for the kids.

Add lighting at places along the fence for added decoration and an extra layer of security.

A copper plated prestige solar light will look great on the posts

We have an extensive range of lights from which to choose.

Fence post caps are very decorative too and can top off the posts perfectly.

Plant shrubs and blooms, which will give lots of color when the sun is out and you’re enjoying the privacy of your home.

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