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We get a lot of calls and inquiries at www.fencesupplyonline.com

A common question with callers is ‘how do we choose the right wood fencing?’

They want to put up a good, solid wood fence but are not so sure on the wood to use in its construction. It is a consideration you will want to get right because you are going to be looking at that fence for many, long years to come. To make the problem even greater, you will find there are a few different types of wood fencing from which to choose.

All of them good and long lasting too.

To choose between the different types of wood fencing you will need to think about:

  • The Purpose Of Your Fence
  • The Local Climate
  • Local Building Regulations
  • What Your Neighbors Use

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The Purpose Of Your Fence

Why are you building that wood fence?

Is it to make the front yard look a bit nicer? A round-rail fence will look great and the traditional design is a very typical American style that will catch the eye of the neighbors.

Are you planning to run a fence along the boundaries of your property and need to keep the horses under control? The split rail fence is a wonderful here and there is nothing better than resting a foot on the rail while you’re looking out on the fields.

Getting the purpose of your wood fence right in your head will go a long way towards helping you decide on the type of fence you will want on the property.

2 rail wood fence

The Local Climate

Does it rain a lot in your area? Or is more the sunny type spot where you don’t see a drop of water from May to September.

Climate plays a vital role in deciding what type of wood fencing to use.

Some woods are better than others at resisting the effects of climate extremes.  You will need to consider the type of wood in the product too, even though all of our wood fencing is pressure treated, the climate will still play a part.

At www.fencesupplyonine.com we can help you with choosing the best wood to suit your type of weather.

Local Building Regulations

They may not be as crucial on a ranch as in a city area, but local building regulations will still need adhering to when putting up your fence.

Fencing styles and wood used in the construction may come under the regulations.

Climate may figure in the regulations, as the local authorities may know what type of wood works best in their district.

You may find that you can only use round rail on the front of the property while it doesn’t matter what is used to the rear, where others can’t see it.

Always consult the local building office before you begin any fencing job.

Cedar Split Rail Post

What The Neighbors Use

A consideration that may not be too important if you live a long distance away from the neighbors.

It is worth taking a look at what they do use, however, as the experience of the older hands might help you choose the right type of wood.

They will know the local climate, what wood to use and where to use it.

You may want to match their style too, so not to cause any complaints from the friendly neighborhood association.

Ask the neighbors for advice on this one, especially if your property borders closely to their homes and yards.

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