low voltage deck lights

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of clients choosing to install low voltage deck lights.

It makes a lot of sense as they are now affordable, do not cost much to run, and look great when in place. Sometimes people use too many on a fence or deck, and the garden is lit up like Luna Park. Other times the density is too low, and the deck looks a bit dark and lonely, even when you switch on the lights.

One excellent innovation is the quality of LED lighting.  Now you need only install a few units, but still get a lot of light on the deck. How do you decide on how many low voltage deck lights to use? The question came up recently when having our afternoon coffee. Everyone had an idea, and we put together a little list to help our customers decide.

On our list of how many low voltage deck lights to use are:

  • It may depend on your transformer
  • Distances between the deck lights
  • How do you want the deck to look, when lit up
  • Use a smart power supply for the deck lights

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

It may depend on the transformer

The deck lighting transformer takes power from your home supply, and steps it down for the low voltage LEDs. Without it the lighting will not work.

The transformer can only supply a fixed number of lights with power. Ask the agent when you are purchasing the unit about how many lights can work off it.

The unit should also come with a tee connector, allowing you to connect lights going in different directions.

Distances between the deck lights

You may want the deck fully lit up, without any dark corners. On the other hand, a subtly lit deck on a summer’s evening will attract friends over for a drink.

It really is a personal preference.

If you are using deck post lights, you can install one on every post. Rail lights add a soft atmopshere to the deck.

We always recommend that you put one light every six to eight feet along the length of the deck. This way it will not be too bright, or too dark around the deck area.

How do you want the deck to look, when lit up

Have you seen a neighbor’s deck or maybe a friend’s one, which looks perfect when the lights are on at night?

Count their lights and think about how they may look on your deck. You should also draw up a design of how you want your deck to look at night.

Deciding on the style of lights to use is essential here too.

There is a simple calculation that will help you source the correct transformer for the deck. Multiply the number of bulbs by the wattage you want to use. The answer will tell you what transformer to buy. Fifty bulbs by 0.5 watts, for example, will need a power transformer of 25 watts.

Choose your lights, design the display, and buy the correct transformer.

Use a smart power supply for the deck lights

A smart power supply will let you control the lights from your smartphone.

There are easy to connect, and you can buy one when purchasing the transformer.

Once you download the Apple or Android app, you are ready to go.

The photocell will switch the lights on when it gets dark, and off when the sun comes up.

A smart power supply will save you money on the running costs of the deck lights.

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