A sagging wooden gate is a reminder to have a maintenance schedule.

If you do not look after your fence and wooden gate,  they will begin to fall apart.

Often a little bit of tinkering here and there can make a big difference.

With a wooden fence and gate, you need to stain and repair the wood annually.

If you do not, then a sagging wooden gate can quickly happen.

At Fence Supply Online questions on gates, and fixing them, are not unusual.

Our team of experts has a list of steps in which to fix a sagging wooden gate.

We put the steps down on paper to help our clients fix their sagging wooden gates.

To do a good job on your wooden gate you should:

  • Identify the problem
  • Fix or replace the hinges on the wooden gate
  • Strengthen the wooden gate posts
  • Add a brace support to the wooden gate
  • Put that maintenance plan in place

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Identify the problem

Take a look at your gate.

Is the gate itself sagging, or is it the posts?

Maybe the hinges or the screws are less than the best and are beginning to wear out?

A few weaknesses can cause a gate to sag, but fixing is a lot easier when you know the cause of the problem.

We sometimes get calls from clients who replace the hinges but still have a sagging gate.

Going through a checklist will quickly identify the problem and solve it for good.

Fixing or replacing the hinges on the wooden gate

Often it is the hinges which cause all the problems

Clients invest in a quality gate but skimp on the hinges. The factory ones may not be the best. It is a good idea to get your supplier to swap out those hinges before you erect the gate.

If the gate is too heavy or too big for the hinges, they will definitely need replacing

The same problem happens with the screws. Always use screws of a suitable length and ones which will survive through the winter.

Screws and hinges cause a lot of gate sagging. Replacing them is easy, but go for the best of quality.

Strengthen the wooden gate posts

The other major problem area of a sagging gate is the wooden posts.

If you are using a heavy gate, then you will need to use posts strong enough to hold it in place. Ask your fence supply agent for advice on posts.

When the screws break out of the post, you may need to replace it too as the wood cracks and weakens under pressure.

We find clients forget to bury the gate posts at the right depth. You should go down at least one-third of the height of the post. The post may also need to be set in concrete to keep it in place.

Strengthening the wood will prevent the gate from sagging in the future.

Add a brace support to the wooden gate

When your posts and hinges are of the best quality, and you still get sagging, then it may be the gate.

Simple gates, such as ones of light wood or single pickets, need support too. Gravity, use, and wear and tear will make them sag over time.

The addition of a brace support will make all the difference.

A length of wood diagonally across the gate will help keep it from sagging

You may do the ‘Z’ shaped bracing, where you have one across the top, one diagonal and one across the bottom. This is a popular type and offers support all over the gate.

An ‘X’ shaped bracing, two diagonals from corner to corner is another option.

Along with strengthening the posts, excellent brace support solves most sagging problems.

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