Curb appeal with a privacy fence? Surely not, would be the reply from most of our customers. Here’s the thing, though, and this may surprise a lot of people: privacy fences are very appealing.

How so? Would probably be the next question from the same customers.

At Fence Supply Online we know the benefits of a privacy fence. A good one will keep the neighbors from looking at what the family is doing. A privacy fence will also give your home a lot of extra security; what the bad guys cannot see, they will not be tempted to rob. Another extra is that the fence will cut down on wind and other kinds of weather damage. The privacy fence will also allow you to make more noise, without disturbing the neighbors.

The usual answer we get is that the privacy fence makes the home feel like a prison yard. Where’s the curb appeal in doing that? We decided to get a few answers together to help our customers make up their minds.

You can add curb appeal to a privacy fence by:

  • Adding a lot of extra style to the yard
  • Accessories give plenty of curb appeal
  • Using a vinyl privacy fence cuts down on maintenance
  • Growing plants, vines and flowers

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Adding a lot of extra style to the yard

The modern privacy fence is a thing of beauty and is designed to add to the home, not take away from it.

Our vinyl privacy fences are American-made, and the vinyl is designed to last. It is only when you see the quality and workmanship of a privacy fence that you can appreciate all one offers.

The style of a modern privacy fence varies from the trellis top to the flat top or a lattice top. You can choose from different heights and even install a basket-weave for a real eye-catcher.

Our BLACKline vinyl fencing range introduces another level in your choices of privacy fences.

Accessories give plenty of curb appeal

Accessories, accessories, accessories.

They really are the best way to give a privacy fence that extra bit of curb appeal. Post caps make the fence look a lot less bare. When you add a few post caps lights then you will see real curb appeal.

You can also add finials and other pieces of garden jewelry.

How about finishing off the new privacy fence with a mail post? Now that is a real American way to add curb appeal.

Using a vinyl privacy fence cuts down on maintenance

Many types of fencing need a lot of care and annual maintenance. A vinyl privacy fence, however, does not need as much care.

The vinyl will not fade, chalk or buckle under a hot summer sun. It will look as good in ten years as it does the day you install the fence.

Vinyl does not rot or suffer from mildew or other forms of weather damage. You do not need to paint, seal, or stain the fence to keep it looking good.

The low maintenance is a big curb appeal factor.

Growing plants, vines and flowers

The privacy fence offers a lot of ground space on which to grow colorful plants. It protects new growth from the effects of wind, rain, and too much sun.

Clients often grow sturdy vines up and around a privacy fence, giving it color in the summer and winter seasons. By adding a trellis or other garden jewelry, the vines will find traction in the early days of growth.

A raised flower bed is the perfect place for blooming plants and lots of curb appeal.

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