staining wooden fencing

Installing a wooden fence gate is not a difficult job.

The chances are that you will only need to install one or two wooden fence gates in a lifetime, but you should do a good job, regardless. Many DIYers have their own methods for doing a wooden fence gate install. Whatever works for you is usually the best option and stick to it.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions from clients looking for tips on installing a wooden fence gate. Usually, they come from clients when ordering the fence. From time to time, however, we get someone adding a gate to an existing fence. The methods are more or less the same for each project.

To keep our clients happy and up-to-date with the latest on fence gate installs, we put the best tips down on paper. The feedback from clients is very positive.

When installing a wooden fence gate you should:

  • Choose the right gate
  • Pick the best spot for the wooden fence gate
  • Install the fence gate posts
  • Hang the gate to the posts

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Choose the right gate

It amazes us how many people get this part of the project just plain wrong.

They pick the wrong size gate or one of a completely different style to the wooden fence.

A vinyl gate can work well with a wooden fence, just make sure you match the two designs.

The right wooden fence gate will complete the project, and you will know it when you see it in place.

Pick the best spot for the gate

You will need the gate to get access to the paddock or the garden area.

Pick a spot that meets a path or is not too far from the pavement. Remember, you may be carrying livestock feed or garden tools. You do not want to be struggling to get to a gate in the wrong place.

A gate will need to open without any obstruction.

In many areas you may even need to obey local laws on where you can install a gate and even the style and quality of it.

Self-closing and locking gates may be mandatory too.

Install the wooden fence gate posts

The gate is only as secure as the fence posts holding it up.

Always buy from a trusted agent and use pressure-treated wood. They may also need staining and sealing before putting it in the ground.

Best practice is to put at least one-third of the post below ground. Mark that length on the post and dig a hole to that depth.

Line the bottom of the hole with pea gravel to aid drainage. Place the gate post into the hole and pour in your mix of quick-drying concrete. Make sure the post is level as this is crucial to hanging the gate. Repeat the installing of the gate post on the other side of the fence.

We recommend installing the wooden fence gate posts the week before hanging the gate.

Hang the gate on the posts

When you buy the fence gate make sure you also get the hinges and other extras at the same time.

Most companies will supply you with a full gate and post kit, which will come with all you need.

Screw the hinges to the gate and then to the fence post. The slots should already be in position, to make this a more straightforward job to do. Do not forget the gate closing mechanism too.

Hang the gate to the posts, and you are good to go.

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