puppy panel installation drawing

Puppy panels are a great way to protect both your fence and your new four-legged friend.

We all love to see puppies running around the yard but not running down the street or in front of an automobile. Clients call asking how to keep their puppies safe, but we also get a few looking to keep the next door pooch out of the yard.

Luckily for all callers, we have the perfect solution in our Puppy panels.

“What in tarnation is a puppy panel?” one caller asked last when our expert was helping with their problem of runaway dogs.

“A puppy panel is the answer to all your troubles,” was the reply, and after a bit more explaining the caller was ordering a supply for his yard.

A significant benefit of puppy panels is how easy they are to install and maintain.

Our guide on how to install and maintain puppy panels includes:

  • Choose the right size Puppy Panels for your fence
  • Clear around the fence first
  • Fit the brackets for the Puppy Panels
  • Attach the Puppy Panel to the fence with the zip ties
  • Maintaining the Puppy Panels

Let’s take a closer look at each point to help you get those Puppy Panels fitted.

Choose the right size Puppy Panels for your fence

Fence Supply Online sells Puppy Panels in two sizes.

We stock the 6-foot wide panels and the 4-foot wide ones, which we sell in batches of two, for an 8-foot-wide fence.

Measure your fence panels from post to post to get an accurate size.

If your puppy is a big fellow, then you can stack the Puppy Panels on top of each other along the fence.

Clear around the fence first

It may be a simple rule, but many people forget to prepare their workspace.

Always clear the area around the fence of debris, tall grass, branches, and cut back any shrubs and trees.

This way you will have a clear space in which to work.

You should also get your toolbox ready and charge the battery on that electric drill.

Fit the brackets for the Puppy Panels

Measure the distance from the top bar on the Puppy Panel to the lower one.

Mark on the fence post where the two bars will meet the aluminum.

Drill a hole in the aluminum fence post. Get the top bracket and screw it onto the post, but not entirely. Repeat the process at the marked position on the lower end of the post. Do the same on the next fence post along.

Get your Puppy Panel. Fit the bars at the top and the bottom into the loose brackets. When you have the Puppy Panel in place on both posts, then tighten the screws.

Your Puppy Panel should be ready to go to work.

Secure the Puppy Panels with the zip ties

You may wonder why we also supply you with zip ties.

It is a good idea to secure the Puppy Panels along the rails using the ties. This will stop the puppy or small dog from pulling the panel and making a gap for them to escape.

Make sure you tighten the Puppy Panel fully to each rail.

Repeat the process along the fence until the yard is fully secure for your little puppy.

Maintaining the Puppy Panels

Not only are the Puppy Panels easy to fit, but they are also straightforward to maintain.

An annual inspection of the brackets and ties, to make sure they are still doing their job, should be sufficient.

Clear the Puppy Panels of any dirt and garbage that may gather in the rails.

You can wash the panels with the garden hose.

Keeping the panels clean and tight should have them in place for many years.

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Puppy Panels are the perfect way to keep your pet safe.

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