3 rail vinyl installed by customer

You’ve spent all that money building a fine vinyl fence around the property.

Now you need to care for it, make sure it stays looking as good as the day it went up.

One of the great things about quality fencing is that if you care for it properly it will stay looking good.

This is as true for vinyl fencing as it is for fences of wood, aluminum or iron.

The trick is learning from an expert and doing as they advise from day one.

Points to keep in mind so your vinyl fence will stay looking like new include:

  1. Wash It Regularly
  2. Fix Any Damage
  3. Use A Specialized Cleaner
  4. Prevention Is Better Than The Cure
  5. Brush It Down
  6. Get Rid Of Mildew Immediately

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wash It Regularly

Invest in a quality garden hose and maybe put a faucet close by too.

After a storm or any lousy patch of weather, get the hose out and wash down that vinyl fence.

Get all the leaves, blades of grass and splashes of dirt off the panels and anything else that sticks.

Do the same during the dry months, getting all the dust, dog hair, and pollen off before it dries in and becomes an unsightly stain.

Fix Any Damage

Take a walk around the fence every couple of months.

Bring that toolkit as you may need it as you go, as you’ll be surprised at what you may discover.

If there are any loose panels or rails fix them there and then. Some posts may be coming loose so give them a good shake to check them thoroughly.

If you have animals, you may need to do an inspection that bit more regularly.

Don’t wait for the next storm to show you where the damage is.

4 rail vinyl fence

Use A Specialized Cleaner

Ask at you fencing supply company the name of a good vinyl fence cleaning agent.

Some stains, such as the kids’ magic markers can be stubborn devils.

They will come out, with the right mix of elbow grease and that cleaning agent.

Vinyl is a tough material, but with the right attention, you can keep it stain free and looking good, always.

Brush It Down

It may seem obvious, yet this is something a lot of people forget to do and if not done regularly it can lead to bigger problems.

Using a stiff yard brush go around your vinyl fence and get all the leaves, grass cuttings and bits of paper off before they dry with the sun and wind.

This is a weekly job and it may be a good one to give to the kids if you want to keep them busy.

The fence will stay clean and regular maintenance will be that bit easier to do.

Get Rid Of Mildew Immediately

Even with regular maintenance, you may still find patches of mildew appearing in corners and spots where the sun doesn’t get to very often.

Mildew can stain and the longer you leave it, the more difficult removing it will become.

Mix warm water, laundry detergent, and a mild household bleach in a 12: 1: 1 solution.

Wearing gloves and keeping the pets away, wash off the mildew and any other stains the kids may have left, using a firm cloth.

The mildew should wash off quickly and when finished run the garden hose over the vinyl to get it sparkling again.

White vinyl privacy fence

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

It may be an old saying, but it is very true with fencing.

Keeping grass cuttings, leaves and even loose dirt brushed away will stop them from gathering on the vinyl fence panels.

Regular washing and brushing will get the problems off before they develop.

Checking for cracks, loose panels and mildew is essential for the long-term health of the fence

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