Now this is a common question or what many people would call ‘an old chestnut.’

Just how do you keep your wood fence looking like new?

There are a few answers to this question, but we’ve asked our team of experts to come up with their top ones.

The answers may surprise you, though the simple solutions to keeping the wood fence looking like new, need not cost you a lot of money.

On the list of top tips for keeping the wood fence looking like new are:

  • Clean the fence regularly
  • Keep on top of the repairs
  • Stain, seal, and paint
  • Invest right from the start
  • Garden design can help

Let’s take a closer look at each tip.

Clean the fence regularly

You would be amazed at how many people neglect to clean their wood fence.

After investing in the quality fence, you need to take care of it.

Regular washing will clear all the leaves, dirt, dust and the beginnings of any mold too.

Schedule a power wash at least once, if not twice a year; after the winter storms and falling of the leaves would be good times.

Getting all the debris off will help the fence to fight mold and decay, while also showing you any trouble spots.

A good clean will keep it shining like day one.

Keep on top of repairs

A vital tip, for those who want their wood fence always looking like new.

Don’t let the repairs get out of hand or else they will only get worse and do more damage than was initially caused.

Simple repairs such as tightening loose screws and joins can prevent bigger problems from happening.

Replacing broken rails and posts will make the wood fence look good and help keep it sturdy.

Doing repairs should be part of any regular maintenance schedule.

Employ a contractor if DIY is not your thing.

Stain, seal and paint

After you have cleaned, scrubbed and repaired the fence comes the time for adding a little gloss.

Your fence will look great with a new coat of paint or when you add a new layer of stain to the fine grain.

All this work has the added benefit of strengthening the wood, preserving it through the harsh months of winter and keeping invaders at bay.

Don’t forget that termites do a lot of damage beneath the surface and keeping them out is essential.

A newly painted or stained fence will shine in the sun, and you will be happy knowing all is well inside the wood too.

Invest right from the start

The quality of the product will tell how long it will last.

If you use second-grade materials in your wood fence, it will begin to deteriorate quickly.

What looks new and shiny this season may not look so good after a harsh winter, when the cold and wet has had a free hand.

Always use the best of pressure-treated wood on a fencing project, as it is designed to last many, many years.

Ask your contractor or supplier about the most suitable wood for your climate.

Cedar may do a better job than pine in some districts, and vice versa, so it pays to ask the experts.

Garden design may help

A little bit of proper planning may go a long way.

The right trees, shrubs, and flowers can highlight the best parts of the wood fence, and mask the problem areas.

The freshly cut lawn will draw the eye to the newly painted fence.

Design plays a part in having the wood fence looking good and it encourages you to look after the fence too.

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