Tan Vinyl Privacy fence

Ah, the simple fence.

It is always there. Running around the backyard keeping your family, pets and home safe and sound through many a winter, spring, summer and fall.

If you treat a fence well, it will serve you for years upon years.

How about dressing-up that fence a bit? Why not have it as an elegant addition to the garden and maybe giving the old fellow a touch of pride while standing guard over the property?

There plenty of ideas for making simple fences look that bit more elegant.

Among the good ones would be:

  • Adding Lights
  • Installing A Few Decorative Features
  • Think Of A Few Different Designs When Installing The Fence
  • Growing A Few Plants

Let’s take a closer look at each item to see which one will suit you the best.

Add Lights

Large Solar post capSmall deck lights

The simple fence can be an excellent spot for putting a few well-placed lights.

Solar fence caps are very easy to install on top of the posts.

They do not need any wiring, they get their power from the sun and the timer will switch them on in the evening and off in the early morning.

You can get Solar Lights which are purely decorative or ones that add a touch of security by shining a bright LED when activated.

The Elegante looks classy and is sure to catch the eye of neighbors and family members when they visit for the annual barbecue.

Installing A Few Decorative Features

As well as putting lights on the posts consider a few decorative fence caps too.

They come in many styles to suit your tastes or to match the scheme you already have going on around the yard.

Decorative Caps, such as the Pyramid Post Cap, top off the fence post nicely.

Retrofitting a post cap is easy.

A post cap can slot in tightly and securely into an adapter which you attach to the top of the fence post.

Combining solar lights and fence caps can break up the straight look of that simple fence.

 white picket fence

Think Of A Few Different Designs When Installing The Fence

When designing your fence consider how it will look after it is in place.

It is far easier to add a few decorative touches when you are doing the installation.

Maybe go for a picket fence instead of just a plain old panel one.

Alternate the panels on your fence with a few different designs. The scallop look is something a bit different and adds a touch of elegance to the simple layout of a fence.

If working with vinyl you will have a choice of colors for the fence

Think of a Hunter Green fence or maybe panels of Redwood or even Weathered Wood in the yard instead of only white ones.

Call us for a few different design ideas and see what we have in store to make that fence a bit more elegant.

Growing A Few Plants

Plants love a good fence

They get protection from the wind and thrive in the shelter of the panels.

A fence can also offer shade when the sunlight is intense.

By planting flowering shrubs, you will get beautiful color during the sunny days of summer.

Evergreen plants will stay in leaf throughout the winter, breaking up that dull look we all get from the trees when they go bare during the fall.

Creeping plants such as vines will make their way up the fence, covering it in flowers and berries for the birds and the bees.

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