Making your railing ADA compliant is an excellent thing to do.

Not only will you be obeying local laws, but you will be making your property accessible for those with disabilities. A few small changes can make a big difference in the quality of your railing.

When we mention ADA railing to clients, they often assume it is only for public areas. This is not true. For elderly relations or those with a disability, ADA railing will make the home much safer and easier to get around.

The question of ADA railing came up over the morning coffee recently. We decided to put a few pointers into a post, to show the advantages of making your railing more accessible.

A list of where your railing can be more ADA accessible includes:

  • External adjustable joiner for handrails
  • The ADA handicap loop
  • A 90-degree corner
  • The aluminum rail makes everywhere more accessible
  • Places to put your ADA railing

Let’s take a closer look at each point on our list.

External adjustable joiner for handrails

If you have an angled ADA handrail to install this is just the right piece for the job.

The external adjustable joiner for handrails allows you to connect to an existing one or a new piece. It has adjustable joint rings and male fittings, perfect for installing ADA handrails.

The joiner comes in a variety of colors and adjusts from 0 to 65 degrees.

It is of durable vinyl and is low maintenance.

The ADA handicap loop

An invaluable piece for your railing to make it more handicap accessible.

This ADA approved handicap loop fits to your railing, giving those who need it something secure to hold onto, going up or down.

It is ideal at an entrance or a short flight of steps.

The seamless connection makes fitting very simple, and the choice of colors should match most schemes.

The durable vinyl is ideal for external areas and is easy to keep clean and safe to use.

A 90-degree corner

A rail may not seem important, until you need one.

How often do we see this happen?

It is very true with items that enable people to access buildings and move about inside. For those with a handicap, a guide rail that goes around the corner is vital. When the rail is missing it becomes very difficult to get around a corner.

The 90-degree corner joins two 1.5” rails as they go around a corner. This high-quality piece is of vinyl, which will not buckle, fade, or crack under pressure.

The variety of colors will make matching with other rails an easy task.

The aluminum rail makes everywhere more accessible

At Fence Supply Online we supply an ADA approved aluminum rail.

When connected with other pieces from our range, you can make your home or business premises a lot more accessible.

The extruded aluminum rail comes in lengths of 104 inches and is 1.5 inches in diameter. This sturdy rail will not crack or bend and is low on maintenance. Combine it with the handicap loop and the 90-degree corner joins, to continue the rails along walls, steps, and hallways.

The extruded aluminum rail comes in black or white.

Places to put ADA railing in your home

Often we do not think our home needs ADA approved railing. When you have elderly relatives or those with a walking disability come to stay, then you will see the need.

Having railings around steps or stairs can make a big difference. The bathroom is another place people may need help.

Even on your deck or porch, a few railings can make outside activity a lot more accessible.

Take a look around your home and install a few railings to make life easier for everyone.

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