Family homeowners love wooden fences.

The traditional wooden fence looks great running around the property and who can fault a wooden picket fence in the front garden?

A wooden fence speaks of happy childhoods and of having fun in the backyard.

Kids though find ways of breaking things. All that rough and tumble can do damage to a wooden fence and can cause problems for the kids too.

“I’d like a wooden fence,” one of Fence Supply Online customers said recently, “but I’m worried about it being safe for the kids.”

The sentiment got us thinking, and we asked our experts for advice. They came up with a few great tips, which are easy to put into place.

If you want to make your wooden fence safer for the kids try some of these tips:

  • Treat the fence well
  • Repair any breakages immediately
  • Do regular maintenance
  • Always use high-grade material
  • Self-closing gates are essential
  • Take away any climbable bits
  • No pointed tops

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Treat the fence well

Once the wooden fence is in place, you should start on a treatment program.

Treating the fence once a year with a water sealant, a preservative, and a fungicide will keep threats at bay.

If you don’t treat the fence, it will begin to rot and decay, leaving a structure which can hurt the kids if it falls or pieces break off.

Repair any breakages immediately

If you see a cracked rail or a picket which is splintering get working on it immediately.

Damage spreads quickly in wooden fences, and the structure may fall apart over the course of a season or two.

Replace or repair damaged rails and panels, before they can harm your kids when playing in the yard.

Do regular maintenance

With the fence in place, you should also start in with a regular maintenance schedule.

This should include doing all the regular treatments, as well as a few other checks.

You should cut away branches which rub off the fence.

Cutting back the grass and other shrubs will stop termites from making their way into the wood.

Draw up a checklist and stick to it each season, to keep your wooden fence fresh and safe for the kids.

Always use high-grade material

It may seem like an obvious tip, but it always surprises us how many people look for the cheaper options.

Cheap wood is not as durable as the better quality wooden fence you should be investing in for the home.

You should spend an extra bit on pressure-treated wood, which stands the tests of time, especially in cold and wet climate areas.

Choose wood that can put up with the kids kicking a ball against it or jumping on it, without the fence breaking and harming them.

Self-closing gates are essential

A fence needs a gate. How else are you going to get in and out?

Regulations make it mandatory for gates in the backyard, to allow access for firefighters and rescue crews.

A gate can be an excellent addition to the fence.

A self-closing one will shut fully, and not allow the kids to escape.

Make sure it locks, and you keep the key in a safe place.

Take away any climbable bits

Kids love to climb trees and fences and plan their escape from the yard. It’s part of any kid’s game.

The problem with climbing a fence is that it may break under strain, hurting the kids in the process.

Many of our clients install privacy fences as they are difficult to climb, and are tall enough to put off an escape attempt.

The wooden privacy fence also provides excellent security for the yard area.

No pointed tops

Keep the fence as safe as possible.

Do not use pointed tops on the picket fence, especially on the lower height ones.

Kids will find a way to fall on the spikes.

It’s just what they do.

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