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To prepare your yard for fencing is very important. It should be task number one on the list when putting in a new fence.  You need to have the yard ready for the fence before you can begin any work. If you do not prepare the yard, your work will take longer and may even become dangerous.

Many of our clients use our shipping service. At Fence Supply Online we like delivering our products and getting to see where the fence is going. We often ask the client: ‘are you ready for the shipment?’ Sometimes we get a ‘yes’ or a ‘nearly there.’ Other times, though, we get a ‘what do you mean? Ready?’

When we hear that sort of answer, we get a bit worried.

To help clients prepare the yard for fencing, we asked our experts for their advice. They came up with some excellent suggestions, and we put the best ones down on a list.

To prepare your yard for fencing you should:

  • Clear the area for the fence
  • Call 811 – before you do anything
  • Prepare a space for the fencing
  • Check with the Home Owners Association

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Clear the area for the fence

Installing the fence need not take you a long time, especially if you prepare properly.

Once you know where you want to put the fence, you can mark out on your property a line of where it will stand. Doing this will help you get an idea of the fence, but will also get you to check the property boundaries. Do not erect a fence until you are confident it is going on your property.

When you have the line of where the fence is going, you can see what you need to clear out of the way. Dig out any rocks or other rubble. Cut back trees and shrubs and make sure nothing is growing where the fence will stand.

Before you begin the fence building make sure you can see clearly where every post will be.

Call 811- before you do anything

If you are building a fence, remember that the posts are going deep into the ground. Depending on the height, you could be going down three feet or more; guidelines say one-third of a post should be below ground.

Below ground is where the utilities lie too. Under your yard can run electricity cables, gas pipes, water supply, and communication wires. Even if you do not use all of the utilities, there may still be a cable or pipe passing through the yard.

Call 811 before you dig. The nationwide helpline can identify what lies beneath a property. They will tell you what to do and who to contact for your district.

Prepare a space for the fencing

A small tip, to help you avoid a bigger problem. It sometimes happens that the tractor-trailer arrives with a load of fencing products but with nowhere to put it. The homeowner has forgotten to put space aside, and it may be illegal to unload onto the sidewalk or pavement.

Clear a space near where you plan to put the fence – space the delivery truck can quickly drop the load and from where you can build the fence.

Check with the Home Owners Association

If you neglect to contact the Home Owners Association, HOA, then you may have a problem or two.

There may be rules in your district around fence building. Rules may exist for style, height, materials, and even colors. In some districts, you may not even be allowed to erect a fence.

The HOA will have the answers, and it is best to stay on the right side of them.

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