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Fence Armor

Fence Armor is an excellent way to protect your fence posts.

Your fence is only as secure as the weakest post. We hear it all the time when talking with customers. The fence rails and upper posts may be fine, but damaged posts are undermining the whole fence. Often a fence may need replacing only because the fence posts are rotting where they meet the dirt.

It is a common problem and one which is easily avoidable.

When cutting or trimming the lawn you can easily break the surface of a wood fence post. Once this happens the fence begins to lose protection. Termites will find a way into the wood, eating through to the core and doing irreparable damage. Mold and mildew can also take hold, ruining the fence post over the winter months. A split in the wood can let in the rain which will freeze, expand and contract, making the damage a lot worse

Fence Armor protects your post by:

  • Stopping pets chewing on the base of the fence post
  • You can stack them to any height
  • The Fence Armor fits at the trim line
  • Fence Armor will fit to any fence post size
  • You can install the Fence Armor quickly and securely

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Stopping pets chewing on the base of the fence post

A puppy or new dog can do a lot of damage to your fence posts.

They will sharpen their teeth on the base of the post. The tearing and splitting will cause the wood to rot and lose protection from the stain and sealer job you did earlier in the season.

Fitting the Fence Armor will stop the pets from chewing on the fence post.

Wildlife can do similar damage, so even if you do not have a dog, you will need protection.

You can stack them to any height

Even if your fence post is under threat further up from the base, the Fence Armor can do a job.

The product can stack up the post, giving you protection where ever you may need it.

It is ideal for protecting against cribbing at the top of a fence post.

Using our Patriotic option can add style and color too.

The Fence Armor fits at the trim line

If you put protection at the base of the post, you are in danger of causing what we call wicking. Water at ground level will soak up under the protection and seep into the wood.

Fence Armor fits at the trim line, where it will do its best work. The next time you trim, you will see how it protects the fence. As Fence Armor is rounded at the edges it will not break or split the trimmer cord, an extra benefit.

Ask for our advice on positioning the protection, and we will put you on the right track.

Fence Armor will fit any fence post size

Too often fence protection either doesn’t fit or post or only covers part of it.

Fence Armor comes in a variety of sizes, which will work with any size, shape, or width of fence post.

This variety serves to give you full protection.

In fact we have more than 100 SKU’s from which to choose.

You can install the Fence Armor quickly and securely

Protecting your fence posts could not be easier with Fence Armor.

You can fit them quickly around the base of the post and maybe do the whole fence over a day or two.

They fasten with stainless-steel self-tapping screws, and an electric screwdriver will make the job even easier.

Fence Armor comes off easily too, so you can take them with you when you leave.

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