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Is it time to revitalize an old fence on the property?

The one that stands tall, protects you and the family but maybe is beginning to show its age?

It was probably there when you bought the house, and it has never let you down.

Now though it is showing the signs of being out in all types of weather, and doing the job of an old fence.

Maybe you could revitalize that old fence and get a few more years of service from it.

Revitalizing an old fence can save you money and be very satisfying.

On anyone’s list of how to revitalize an old fence would be:

  • Paint the old fella
  • Fix the broken bits
  • Scrape and rust proof the metal
  • Cut back the shrubs and trees
  • Wash and stain will revitalize an old fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Paint the old fella

It’s remarkable what a lick of paint will do to a fence.

Scrapping off the weather-beaten coats of old paint may well expose a very healthy wood or metal beneath

Choose a strong color, which brings out the texture of the fence but also protects it through the seasons to come.

If you do paint the fence, remember to clean it regularly and to touch up your paint-job, whenever it chips or gets scraped away with use.

Fix the cracked bits

If a fence looks a bit down on its luck it could just need a bit of tender loving care.

Walk along the fence and find the cracked rails. Screw or nail them back together.

Give the posts a shake and if they are loose, get to work strengthening them in the ground.

Replace any broken rails and posts. By doing this you will not only strengthen the fence, but you will also be improving its overall look.

You should paint or stain the fence after you do the repairs, to make the new bits match the old.

Scrape and rust-proof the metal

Every metal fence needs a good scraping with a stiff brush, to keep it looking good.

Aluminum and galvanized steel, which should not rust, will stain though, and a good clean with a brush will get a lot of the faded look off.

You can also use a chemical cleaner to take away the stain and add some shine.

Iron does rust, but if you scrape away the damage and rust proof it again, before painting, then you will get many more years from the fence.

You may not get the original shine back on a metal fence, but with the right care it will stay looking great and add a touch of character to your yard.

Wash and stain will revitalize an old fence

The great advantage of a vinyl fence is the low cost of maintenance.

You will need to clean it regularly to keep it looking as new.

Brush it down with a stiff yard brush, using the garden hose to wash away the dirt.

A mixture of warm water, bleach and washing detergent in a 12:1:1 solution will take away the mildew stains or the masterpieces left by the kids.

With a wooden fence you should wash it before applying a new coat of stain or paint.

Staining is an excellent way to revitalize an old fence, making it look and smell like new again.

Cut back the shrubs and trees

Often an old fence may need more light and a bit of fresh air too.

Cut back any overhanging trees and shrubs which are rubbing off the panels.

Over the years the paint may get rubbed off and make the fence look a bit worse for wear.

When cleaning, painting and staining an old fence it is a good idea to give it a break from all the greenery and let it shine again.

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